Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Porn Slot: A brief return

I've mostly given up on this feature going any further, but there are still a few men (and possibly women) worthy of my attention in the genre.

This week, it's a man I've been kidding myself about for a long time. I've always known he was hot, but for some reason have never admitted it to myself. Until this week, when I was checking Machine Head's marchives page...

Rob Flynn is super hot!

He might always wear the same t-shirt and maybe he does sometimes act like a bit of a douche. And perhaps his band do release some terrible, terrible music, but you know what? I can't think of anyone who has a more awesome voice than Rob Flynn. I fucking LOVE his voice. It's the voice of rage. He can't seem to sing and not sound pissed off or at least about to kill himself. Or possibly whinging about the parents. Whatever. It's AMAZING.

In fact, even when he was going through his I'm-going-to-dress-like-Tommy-Lee-when-he-was-dressing-like-a-wigger phase, he's still pretty cute ^______^ (In a I-really-wish-you-weren't-wearing-that-shiny-jacket sort of way)

And look:

Aww :) He was in a credible band at one time you know ;D

All that aside, I love Machine Head, I don't care what J or anyone else says. They're playing Brixton Academy next week and I am gonna be there singing VERY LOUDLY. And hopefully, quite drunk :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Elephant Man

M: DAVE MUSTAINE: 'I Really Am Enjoying Who I'm Discovering Myself To Be' -
i bet he only invited elephant man back so he'd get more interviews (after the new album ones dropped off) so he could continue to go on and on and on and on and on about himself

J: True, though he could at least say he's happy for dave jr to be back -but he's not mentioned it, i think BM had three articles yesterday about dave jr saying how happy he was. it kinda seems like two people have got back together, but one one of them is happy and the other don't give a shit.
like you said last night, it's not as though MD are gonna release some amazing record now - the next one won't be for another two years give or take.

M: and it's not going to be amazing! people are creaming themselves over this like elephant's gonna return megadeth to their youth...he's a MUSICIAN, not a MAGICIAN.

J: sadistic magician :D
and he's only a bass player at that ;)

M: hahah :) i know! as if megadeth rely on bass? i know he's a key member to some of the classic albums but he'll only be able to make a difference if dave lets him....which is exactly how it always was anyways. megadeth not sounding like megadeth is down to dave mustaine and that's a fact.

J: > i know! as if megadeth rely on bass?
that XD
as if any band rely on bass, rly.
dave jr was an original member from the start and stuck with megaman along way, i think that's why ppl are getting excited, but megaman calls all the stuff in megadeth, it's not like you go into MD as a band member, it's not your band, never will be, and there's no chance of you feeling at home there.

M: exactly. tbh, i don't feel like this is a big deal at all, i think it's kinda sad. sad for elephant man because he seems real happy but i don't think it'll do his career any favours (i mean, he'll get more famous, but he ain't gonna be on an awesome album again any time soon) and i think dave is just doing this for the publicity/for business.

J: > kinda sad. sad for elephant man because he seems real happy but i don't think it'll do his career any favours
this. he might be getting more money than he's on, or feel that he's in a "safer" place than he was before (ie doing youtube tutorial videos on how to record) - though it's the same with rob trujillo - he's on more dosh than he was now, but it's not the best place to be.
> dave is just doing this for the publicity/for business.
because dave is, was and always will be a selfish arrogant cunt :/