Friday, September 16, 2011

Rap jacket :D

How cool is this?!

James Jirat is an Australian artist who's a bit of a hipster etc etc but whatever, his art is cool and this vest is neat and a lot of work must have gone into it.

It has and will get a reasonable amount of hate (I think someone even posted up something along the lines of "You wear this to Norway and we'll fuck you up"!) but that's obviously coming from posers who are too insecure in their own musical taste to accept how ace this is ;)

M: just sent you this, but check it they're getting loads of hate for this XD

J: haha, that's pretty well done :D
i like the snoop dogg one :)

M: yeah i like it too :) i like the aaliyah one too - i like aaliyah better than i do anthrax too XD
but i think it's pretty neat :) needs more patches tho :D

J: the doom one's a bit basic tho, MF DOOM :) trying to work out the coffin one, as in what band it actually is, can only think of these ones, which it isnt, only coz the have a coffin :)
i like the subhumans / salt n pepper one :)