Tuesday, July 27, 2010


M: FEAR FACTORY Drummer GENE HOGLAN Discusses His Technique In New Interview - "i enjoy triggers and joining as many bands as possible. you could say i model myself on nick barker. we're fat and we're both in a lot of bands..."
is what the interview should say.

J: that made me lol irl XD

M: :D true tho ain't it :))

J: yeah :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cash Fiends

M: METALLICA To Play Special 'Old-School' Show In Christchurch - ohh, i thought they meant old-school set. they do not. they just mean they're not gonna be playing in the round 'cause it's not big enough...... but to be fair, that's how 99% of other metal bands play, so it's not that old-school or significant at all. thanks bbmouth, for making me think there was a story when there was none.

J: they should play on the same level as the fans with no barrier, see how that goes, or how many people spit and fall into them :)

M: LOLOLOL that would be awesome :D sadly, instead of getting spit, piss and other secretions they generally deserve, people would just want to get up close to their "heroes" (heroes that ruin music, i might add!!) or to touch their guitars or whatever. lameness.

J: > or to touch their guitars or whatever
whilst kirk's playing a solo, help mess it up :)

M: ooooooops :) i'd love that :D you could listen to the bootleg after and feel pleased :D

J: clumsy dudes at the front twiddling their fingers, get pushed into james, ooops :O

M: i reckon metallica are the sort of band now that would get pissed at that. not like those old shows with dave and everyone, just arsing around. friends :)

J: ah, friends :)
they're friends now, gaying it up an shit :)

M: yeah, not nice friends like they used to be, but seedy friends because they've come together in their love of screwing people out of their cash....

J: cash friends :)

M: that :)

J: cash fiends XD

Monday, July 12, 2010

Albums I Like - 2

Here's number two on the list and it's an album I'll never, ever get tired of hearing. It's the only Death album I listen to now because it's as if all the albums built up to this point - it really is the sound of perseverance - so why listen to anything that came before? All the preceding albums were just practice runs: this is the real thing.

And why do I like it so much? Like I said about Artificial Emotions, it sounds nice in my ears. It's crunchy and chunky, but often delicate and pretty too - even the solo it all builds up towards is bordering on cheesy, but the complexity of the album overall means all of the cheese is still complete joy. Over the years, Death went from, well, death, towards the Control Denied mark that Chuck Schuldiner ended up at, and if you imagine Scream Bloody Gore colliding with The Fragile Art of Existence, The Sound of Perseverance is kinda where you'd end up. Which pleases me greatly.