Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lord of the Wasteland

J: no i haven't.
> Cult crossover band
since when were they cult, and when were they crossover?

M: no idea. the cult of true thrash? the cult of joel grind? i'd happily join that last one.


the only cult you need to know of :)

That's the second time And & Dec have unwittingly appeared on this site. I'm not sure whether to be worried about the state of my blog, or just concerned for myself....

The long goodbye

M: XASTHUR Release New And Final Full Length In June - lets hope we don't get a whole series of last albums.
i wish people wouldn't do that, it's so needlessly dramatic. "this is the last one!!" why don't they just release it and not say anything? if people ask later, just say i don't feel like doing any more albums right now. so then if you do want to do something later you don't look like a lying, money grubbing dickwad who just says stuff to make a sale.

J: i know what you mean - kiss have been doing final tours now for about over ten years. but xasthur's turning shit getting people on the album, it's not like he needs to do it, so when scott says:
> who rely on too many guests and session musicians
why even say that when you've done so well doing it on your own - it's only until recent that there's been guests involved that have fucked up xasthur.

M: who's scott?

J: scott connor = malefic :)

M: ahh :) sounds like someone from terminator XD

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hvis lyset tar oss

Now, J and I are probably amongst the last to see this film...it was definitely not worth the wait. We almost went to some cinema in Hackney (East London is generally shit and full of hipsters and I hate it, I don't care what anyone says)...I'm glad I was too lazy to bother.

Our thoughts, as always*:

J: http://mcbeardo.com/2009/07/guest-review-until-the-light-takes-us-2009/
"Faust chose to have his voice be computer-altered and his face blacked out in interviews, not because he's on the run or anything, but because he claims to regret committing the murder, and felt that talking about it with his face and voice visible would legitimize his actions too much"

M: thats the biggest load of horse shit i've ever heard

J: see, he's a pussy, like the rest of emperor :)
UTLTU was the biggest waste of time ever - the only good things in it were hellhammer saying "fucking faggot", demonaz looking like an extra from the matrix, and varg :D
they could have least got a drunken necrobutcher on it :D

M: varg was pretty funny throughout, he came off really well so i expect it has some of his support. the rest - well i've seen better murder/arson footage from the news reports and docs already on youtube....it was nice to see what some places looked like in norway but i could have easily found that out a million other ways... that movie was LAME.
J: > varg was pretty funny throughout
found Dead dead in bed XD
> it was nice to see what some places looked like in norway
eh, like what? you only saw helvete as it is now, which is the one place i cared about seeing, and the basement too, but nothing was unique in it :/
basically the whole movie seemed like a big plug for that visual artist and fenriz's lame love for modern art.
cack movie, but at least it doesn't make you look like a chump if you like BM :)

M: >found Dead dead in bed XD
yep :D and the funny "no" he did :))
yeah that's what i mean, the brief footage of helvete then and now, but that was all of 30 seconds of film. which, like i said, we could technically just go and see for ourselves.
>basically the whole movie seemed like a big plug for that visual artist and fenriz's lame love for modern art.
>at least it doesn;t make you look like a chump if you like BM :)
i dunno, it makes us look like we go to those shitty art shows!!! D:

J: yeah, i'd actually rather people think i hang around woods and live in a village where girls ride horses....
> yep :D and the funny "no" he did :))
i like mine criiispy XD

M: >yeah, i'd actually rather people think i hang aropund woods an live in a village where girls ride horses....
:D :D :D
varg was the best thing about that film. they could have not bothered and just run an interview with him, it would have been cheaper and probably more entertaining (although i realise that they would't have been able to make their name as "filmmakers") damn audrey and aaron, whoever they are. your film sucked!!!!

For me, Until the Light Takes Us was boring and pointless and pretentious and completely unecessary. Maybe if you're some lame art fag that doesn't give a shit about any of the bands, you might like it. I could go on, but quite frankly, I've wasted enough of my time on this already. I haven't really got any good opinions about this film, so I won't say any more.

*Faust** has his face blacked out and his voice altered so you can't recognise him. We thought this was stupid, seeing as no-one else interviewed was concerned and most people watching know what he looks like anyway, as an adolescent, at least.

** In Latin, "fausta" or "faustus" could mean sort of lucky, or prosperous.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love connection

I was looking up a song my mum used to sing and managed to find it:

Thunderclap? Sound of falling rain? I know who else thought it was a good idea to use that sound effect!