Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pasanen syndrome

Proving the theory that I can't stick to anything for very long, I am announcing my retirement from the world of blogging, due to lack of motivation and interest.

Not a lack of interest in metal, that still remains my favourite thing evaaaaaaaaa...just lack of interest in sitting at the computer really. I may or may not un-retire at some point; I don't think anyone really cares.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Metal Wars

M: MH† - LOL looks like a post about machine head (from the title)

J: that or metal hammer :)

M: yeah, with that stupid cross and everything :) it's like their sword they have now (dunno, they never used to have it that i remember, but they always have the defending the faith sword logo on the header now)

J: who do, machine head :?

M: nah, metal hammer.

J: i've never noticed - i like their old logo whereas it looks like a band :D
the only faith metal hammer preach is that of the one against my metal law :D ;)

M: :O a war breaks out!

J: a metal war!
that'd be awesome!

M: we'd never win :( we are too few in number :((

J: yeah, there's too many metalfags that like fag stuff.
rob darken can lead the first battalion :[

M: he'd be ace to lead us in!

J: basically, any obscure BM band... and Abbath ;)

M: flag of the legions:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I heart Vince

J: i think i've just found the two best bands ever. you decide!

M: i looked at the picture for the 2nd one first - WOLVZ attracted me and i thought nothing could get funnier than that logo with that picture........and then i looked at the first one!!!! that dude with the motley crue sweater or whatever that is is AMAZING

J: yeah, he's the metal overlord :D i LOVE 'taches in metal - fuck beards, i hate them, unless it's on el duce, or me in later years
you can't get more of a Metal name then Metal Wolf... unless you are Metal Law, but not the ML that there is now :)

M: are you going to grow a beard :? :O

metal wolf, he's like the animal god of metal :D
also: omg want it so much. i'll bedazzle "I heart vince" on the back

J: > are you going to grow a beard
when my hair finally all leaves this mortal place and i gain bear weight, yes. i will them take over from my master el duce left :D
that top is cool :- only a day left :O

M: i am so bidding on it. i know i'm saving for hellfest but that is iron maiden :D
plus i can bedazzle it, which i'll so do, so people don't think i'm a hipster. how can you not appreciate someone who takes the time and care to write "i heart vince neil" in RHINESTONES?!

J: hey now, i thought you loved tommy lee ;O

University of Reading

M: NIRVANA: 'Live At Reading' Trailer Available

J: i feel blessed that i was there for not only the most ground breaking nirvana gig, but also the number 1 in kerrang's top 100 gigs of all time....

M: i know, now that that it's been validated as the most amazing by kerrang, i bet you just treasure the memories all the more

J: hell yeah!