Sunday, June 27, 2010

Halfway to 50...

Well, I didn't make it last year, but this year, if I'm going to turn 25, I may as well do it at Bloodstock :D

I'm going to be a complete lord and see all kinds of ridiculous bands that I imagine no-one else will want to see, but I don't care!! Amorphis, Rage, BLOODBATH, Behemoth, Bonded by Blood...none of it actually on my birthday (which is the Thursday), but like I said, might as well make a weekend out of it.

If anyone's going that reads this that I don't know already (which would be highly surprising) gimme a shout :)

Albums I like - 1

(These are in no particular order).

Hieronymus Bosch - Artificial Emotions

This album is pretty hard to describe, so I'm not gonna try too hard, I hate all of that self conscious bullshitting people do. It's progressive death metal, to be genre-specific. It has roars, jazz (which usually I don't like), a lot of pinch harmonics (squeaky) and a Sound of Perseverance vibe.

All I can really say is that this is easily one of the best experiences my ears have ever had, they enjoyed every single second of it. It was like when I heard Enthralled in Essence by Atheist for the first time. It was like I had popping candy in my ears and my ears liked it. Crunchy.

This is all even sadder to say now, 'cause the band split up just a couple months ago. I haven't heard their newest album yet and I dunno whether I'll like it, but I'm gutted I'm never going to see this band now. Really fucking gutted.

So there, that's the first album in my list of all-time favourites. I highly recommend you go listen to it, all the way through.

Friday, June 25, 2010

We shall fight on the beaches

I was watching Mock the Week the other night and Russell Howard happened to mention that most people today couldn't quote you anything from Winston Churchill...

He obviously doesn't know Iron Maiden fans! Even casual enjoyers of the band (I'm by no means die-hard) know Churchill's speech and can probably quote a bit of it...

Sir, I give you Aces High.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I can't believe it's over already D:

It was of the the greatest weekends of my life, despite the 1000 mile round trip of horribly confusing roads, motorways you have to pay to use and toilets that left a lot to be desired...

Still, Exodus played all of Bonded by Blood, Bloodbath played an awesome set and Angela Gossow was in fine form. We saw Abbath walk out over the drawbridge of a castle (we're 99% sure it was him), we met 3 awesome french dudes (hey Armel, Fred and JD! good luck with the baby Armel:) ) had a lot of beer, danced to KISS and Motorhead, J shouted along to Discharge, I got a kiss from Mr. Rock and...well, it was fucking iron maiden.

le sandwich!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Let's ALL stab Malcolm Dome in the throat :D

i know this has been and gone already (JA went) but....
"Hammerfest is headlined by Five Finger Death Punch and Suicidal Tendencies and will also feature DevilDriver (Spring Exclusive), Iced Earth (UK exclusive), Skindred, Napalm Death , Epica (Only UK Show), Katatonia and many, many more at Hammerfest II in Prestatyn, North Wales on 11-13 March, 2010! You’d be crazy to miss it! Get details and tickets for Hammerfest here!"
seriously??? katatonia aside, i would actually go so far as to AVOID seeing any of those bands. that sounds like the worst amount of shit ever, it makes me ashamed to like metal. how can people work for metalhammer when they spout shit like that?

J: > Five Finger Death Punch
was this the band where the singer or someone went missing in that bizarre thing last year?
> and Suicidal Tendencies
AND suicidal?! Srsly, no one cares about them no more, it's only mike i think still in it :O
> Iced Earth (UK exclusive)
again, does anyone still care about iced earth?
> DevilDriver (Spring Exclusive)
at no point is DD playing exclusive!
> Epica (Only UK Show)
this sounds important, but wtf are they?
> Napalm Death
was this outdoor or indoor. ND at a fest is like MW at a fest, pointless.
> how can people work for metalhammer
same as terrorizer, et al - they have no soul. see malcolm dome ;)

M: >> Epica (Only UK Show) this sounds important, but wtf are they?
LOLOL epica are one of them lady fronted nightwish/lacuna coil whatever bands :/
>same as terrorizer, et al - they have no soul. see malcolm dome ;)
ahh yes, true. god even you mentioning him makes me RAGE HARD i fucking hate him sooooooooo much!!!!!! i bet he doesn't even know about good metal, all i've ever heard him talk about or seen him write about is shitty crap and he's totally out of place now because no-one gives a shit what he says. how i HATE HIM.

J: > LOLOL epica are one of them lady fronted nightwish/lacuna coil whatever bands :/
i did have a feeling that would be the case :)
basically; malcolm dome has demos you can only dream of. you have to visit him in that office near the fox which he shares with that other wanker and ask to see it :O

M: that's my ultimate dream!!! to go there, get that fucking iron maiden demo tape and then STAMP ON IT and spit in malcolm dome's eyes :) i think of it every time i'm near there, i look up and think about that :)

J: stab him in the throat with the broken cassette. that's real ultraviolence :D

I'm considering getting a Vince Neil tattoo

I really am. (Not of his face, obvs).

M: Randy Rhoads’ Sister To Release Commemorative Wine - LOLOLOLOLOL :D

J: immortalised in wine! she's stolen vince's thunder!

M: hahaha that's true, altho i think he might have picked tequila. still...

J: i thought any alcohol would do.
that being said; i think vince has enough alcohol in his system to preserve him for a year after death ;)

M: hahaha pickled vince :)))) i imagine thats not far off the truth tho :/

J: > pickled vince
:D :D :D :D
i think really, his ashes should be mixed with the cement for a new steak house being built XD

M: VINCE NEIL BAR AND GRILL - 2 for the price of one tequila shots!
srsly, what better way to commemorate him? either that or open up a strip joint, but they already did that. altho vince already has his steakhouse too :)))) he needs a strip bar and grill :D

J: he needs a fucking casino!

M: thats a GREAT idea :) in fact, they should just give him a residency in vegas or something :))))

J: The key to Vegas :) vince'd love that

M: omg they could have a ceremony with showgirls and everything - vince would wear a horribly loud hawaiian shirt, smile at the women, mention how "proud" his daughter would be of him right now.....

J: does he actually have his own brand of alcohol?

M: i think he has some kind of tequila?

I was right. He does have his own brand of tequila...

Can't unhear

This morning afternoon, I've been working on a version of Seek and Destroy - then only one more song to go before I can play all of No Life 'Til Leather/Kill 'Em All.

M: unfortunately now I can't unhear "sea can destroy" XD

J: A bit like "inside michelle I wait and bleed" :D

EDIT: J didn't understand why I put the KEA cover up as a picture - if you look carefully, you can see I spent SOME TIME using Paint to make it look like it says Sea Can Destroy for the fourth track.