Saturday, September 26, 2009

No prayer for the dying


J: " Will; 24/09/2009 4am; so sick of MH stop bitching about other bands and touring on a bad
record and remixing Rammstein and break up already"

M: haha, was that secretly you? :)

J: no :P
i was in bed at 4am!

M: i dunno, it's just like you to be up late reading metal hammer ;D

J: I'd rather not, i was on /mu/ insulting people, dissing the new alice in chains, supporting No Prayer for the Dying, and laughing at slayer fans that like anything after HTC :D

M: keep haunting that chapel!
tbh no prayer for the dying did fairly well when it came out, it's no.1 in all the magazines i have at home from 91*

J: and bring your daughter went to no. 1, too, but that's my point about stuff; maiden had released 7th son prior to that, and people love that album, so they all went and bought NPFTD, but no one really likes it, apart from a few :/

M: booooooooooo its a great album! npftd has just as many good songs on it as 7th son, if not more! holy smoke, tailgunner, that nice slow one i like**, public enema no. 1 - that's my 2nd favourite iron maiden song!!

J: the whole album is good, it's possibly the only maiden studio album where i like every song

M: me too! i have no idea why people have issues with it

J: because there is a change in style as such

M: not that much, it still sounds iron maideny

J: they started singing more about social issues than icarus :)

M: yeah but "california dreaming as the world goes screaming"*** or whatever that line is is the best line ever!

J: you're a poser if you like anything after Killers ;)

*On looking it up, it turns out NPFTD was released in 1990, not 91.

**Ironically, the song is actually called "No Prayer for the Dying".

***It's "
California dreaming as the Earth dies screaming". I was pretty much there.

Saturday Porn Slot

I've decided to give the honour (if you can call it that) for being the first girl to grace this hallowed hall of hotness to not only one of the best looking people in metal, but one of the coolest.

Liz Buckingham!

She used to play with the (nearly) all-girl sludge band 13, Sourvein and is currently guitarist for Electric Wizard.

To be honest, I don't know anything much more about her, but in my ridiculously shallow Saturday mindset, that doesn't matter. In the words of Bret Michaels: this is one smokin' hot chick.

Everything sounds better in Portuguese!

M: STEVE HARRIS-Owned EDDIE'S BAR Closing Down For Good - Portugal bar :D

J: that is just METAL!


J: go to google translator
enter some metal stuff
translate to portuguese

M: morte ao metal falso!!!

J: metal para a vida :D

M: metal preto para a vitória :D

J: Euronymous era homossexual e tinha que morrer

M: Varg era um assassino super. É meu herói!
everthing sounds cool in portugese. this is a language i have to learn!

J: pamplumossa metal são estúpidas e as pessoas que eles deveriam ser
expulsos da cena metal

M: os povos que fazem a pamplumossa do metal devem mandar suas mãos eliminar

J: that would be cool :D
only trve metal law can make that a reality
death metal é realmente lixo

M: o death metal é um dos formulários os mais elevados da música

J: em seus sonhos

M: parafuse-o jon!

J: voltar a prestar atenção a rocha do amor, mas você pode deixar isso aqui nice ass

M: dat ass!!! (universal language) :D

J: :E

Disclaimer: Obviously we do not speak Portuguese. Sadly my dad comes from one of the only countries in the whole of South America that has English as its official language. On the upside, it has its own Manowar song :D

I can safely say though, despite this being an awesome song, I have NO IDEA what they're on about.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Existence is futile

M: Revocation - Existence is Futile (2009) - these sort of logos are so standard its almost boring now, but this one is quite well done

J: eh, it's a decent logo though :) but i know what you mean

M: yeah i think its a cool logo, its just these death metal 'unreadable logo' bands are ten a penny nowadays, it's just been done so many times before

J: it's still better than bands that use prefixed fonts :)

M: like burzum :)

J: you've got a point there, never really thought about it, but yeah, it does :D

M: i always think about that :) although he's used the same font always - when he first did it, i dunno if it would have been a set computer font or anything, it was a bit early for stuff like that. but its totally generic yeah :)

J: olde english or something :D

M: yeah gothic or some shit :)

J: although there is that one where the R tails off as an inverted cross

M: orly?

J: i'm trying to find it online :)
its in lords of chaos somewhere

M: oh yeah, i do know that :) those were all unofficial tho yeah?

J: i believe so, ye :D

M: haha so the only burzum logo that included a custom font was made by some randoms elsewhere :)

J: i like the normal one anyway, it suits it

M: yeah, looks pretty cool :) i quite like that it's not fussy or pretentiously "unreadable" or any of that. a lot of the older bm ones aren't so silly, a lot you can read easily, they've just been changed to incorporate loads of symbolism and stuff, they're cool

J: demon burger's is kinda lame :/ them long thin letters

M: it's rubbish, it makes me angry!!! their first logo is AMAZING i can't work out why they ever switched :/

J: i love their first one. i think it might be to do with them going onto a major :?

M: i wondered that, if perhaps someone wanted them to have something more easy to read - they never use the old logo now, although i don't own any of the physical cd's so perhaps it appears on the sleeves. tho i doubt it :/

J: i reckon it's a major label thing. most bands tend to have to alter something to either make them seem cleaner or more sellable to the mainstream market - depending on the label. i'm sure earache don't give a shit, but universal and the like might

M: well dimmu aren't on the biggest commercial labels ever - they were on some sub section of century media when they first got big, and now they're on earache - both labels deal with plenty of metal bands with stupider logos. maybe it was the timing or maybe new band members wanted to have a new logo, they've had a lot of lineup changes :? i've never considered why they gave up the old one before (never got past the anger) it is tres WYRD

J: must be a band decision then to become more known with a readable logo

M: stupidest decision ever.
although it probably did help become more commercial i suppose. it's not always that handy to show people merch and stuff and for people still not to have any idea who you are..

J: they could have at least made it look cool... like immortal who had a similar logo

M: yeah, their new one is so lame, it's just their name written, it's not anything. they could have used a decent font a la immortal or burzum

J: or made it readable in a cool way :)

M: like mayhem, that's easy to read, but its still a big logo sort of thing

J: mayhem's logo is fucking badass :D
because you can write it, that's always a good band logo if you can just scrawl it in marker or key it into a toilet door at the pub

M: i did :D

If he moves will he fall?

M: :O

J: srsly tho, ozzy's dead now, i bet he moves less then mick marz
who'd seriously want to go and fucking see him?

M: people still LOVE him tho and plus hipsters are well into sabbath at the moment

J: suppose, i guess they still play warpigs, paranoid and iron man, which gives people that love sabbath something, but fuck, he needs to stop it

M: mtv won't let him ;D

The shortest straw

M: yeah i thought that when i saw it :) not worth waiting 12 years for that's for sure :)

J: i bet you can't smoke in the venue either. bore-fest!

M: yeah i doubt it :x

J: i think the worst thing they can do is play the whole of justice at a gig. that would fucking kill me!

J: yeah, get the night off. he should pitch the idea to them :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hazardous Mutation

There's no price to pay just follow me

M: SLAYER: U.K. Tour Dates Added To European Tour - i may get tickets if they're not too pricey

J: see, you secretly love slayer :P
i'd only go to have the joy of shouting out SLAYERRRR :D

M: yeah :D over and over again :D

J: the subject looks like Slayer (UK) - as in some UK band called slayer :)

M: yeah it does :) like slayer SA or whatever they are :D

J: slayer sw14

Some days later...


J: who do they think they are, metallica?!?!

M: i know!!!!
that's too much money. i'm not paying that to just see fucking slayer, who's their support?

J: probably some band on the roadrunner label that used to be an emo band, but changed their style to fit in and shift records

M: yeah that sucks, big time. i just can't afford that and won't beggar myself just to go and see OLD SLAYER olllllllllllllllllllllllllld

The right to rock



M: i always think of that video now when i see their name :D

J: the right to rock :D

M: :D

J: metal law :)

M: metal injection :)

J: metal church :)

M: cliff's church :)

J: the church from the mayhem album cover :)

M: fantoft stave church

(or whatever the fuck the varg aske church is called :D)


M: Vomit Church :D

Among the Living?

M: ANTHRAX's 'Among The Living' Digitally Remastered And Expanded For CD+DVD Deluxe Edition - "What many consider to be ANTHRAX's greatest album"
>"What many wrongly consider to be ANTHRAX's greatest album"
fixed :)

J: srsly, this is the worst news of the day. it overshadows the death of patrick swayzee

M: or swazi as you called him earlier (via text message)
i don't really care about him. i'm not saying it's not sad, but apart from recognising the name, i don't really have much of a clue who he is. i am but a youngfag

J: i dont care either, i can't even think of anything i know him in, except dirty dancing :)

M: oh is he in that?
haven't seen it either. people go on about it all the time; i have assumed it's much the same as strictly ballroom, which i have seen and that about as much dancing as i can stand.

J: retro 80s people are in mourning, because they're gay

M: they are :)


J: Who the fuck is that? (the dude in the picture at the top of this post)

M: he's the walkin dude :D

J: walkin'? :?
he looks like

M: LOL it's that fantastic haircut.
nah umm the song among the living is sort of based on the stand by stephen king and in the miniseres they did, that's the dude that plays randall flagg, who is the walkin dude.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Porn Slot

There's only a couple hours left for this Saturday, but my time has been occupied with far more exciting things today. Boat trips, catching up with relatives, eating too much and best of all: Romans! Iron fucking Maiden.

So for this week's slot I'm letting Rammstein do all the work for me. They've taken a leaf out of the R&B guide to music videos - even if people don't like the song, they'll still be watching for the tits and ass. Well, the title says it all. Pussy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


J: here's the video for it :)
you get to see tommy lee's rotating drum kit :D :D

M: thats AMAZING i'd say tommy lee's drum roll (LOL) is better than joey's, i like the big set of lights he has on the bottom of the frame :D

J: he used to have one that reached out into the crowd, but during one gig it snapped and he landed on some dude :D

M: :O :O :O omg. that is fucking cool tho. i love motley crue, possibly more than my own family. they bring ENDLESS JOY

J: totally bad-fuckin'-ass
the skull at the beginning is worth the video alone!

M: its as good as the pentagram from the video we saw last nite :D

J: that was awesome that video :D the book they have out is good. The Dirt, it's called, and is pretty entertaining, albeit a bit hammed up :)

M: i'd like to have that. we'd have it [at work] i reckon? never looked for what we have on others genres of music, only black metal.... although i want to own the stuff anyways. put it on my christmas list :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Old news - Splitting hairs

(From 22nd September 2008)

J: for your iRod :D
(He sent me the actual song, but here's the link to a shitty live youtube version, just for you!)

M: this is from one of the cds you were showing me last night isn't it? can't remember which though...although i suppose i could google it

J: it's stevie sex summer's band :D

M: those pretty boy floyd people? i always imagined them being a kind of grungy band whenever i heard anyone mention them, i was actually quite surprised when i saw the cd cover!!

J: nope - they're a third rate glam band that came about a bit late, but the Leather Boyz album is like Tuff's CD I have, and underated classic :)
rumour has it that he wears a wig, which is great :)

M: probably does wear a wig - i bet its pretty tough having to keep up hair that big - even dave muff stain who still has very good hair - even his isn't as big like on the back of peace sells :)

J: i love old bands that go bald :D
listen to the dude heckling - kinda lame, but funny. trixter are on that booze crooze thing with scab row and firestorm :P

M: so they're not just scab bands, but old, bald scab bands? ;D

J: at least stevie rachelle admited he had a hair transplant done with the money he earnt from being on a major label for tuff's first album before they were dropped! the other's just wear silly wigs like don dokken and bret michaels

M: i think its usually pretty obvious when people start losing their hair - if they're at least honest about it, it takes away most of the ground for people making fun of them - bret michaels is just a complete joke now! :D

J: one word: Dio!
i personally don't think axl is losing his hair, the corn rows aint helping, but his hair looked ok the year before it was done.
don dokken on the other hand has been noticed with a variety of wigs

M: hahaha thats the best pic ever it looks like he's in a caveman movie or something.....and yeah, has miraculously reversed the aging process on his hair! how does he think that will pass as his own? i think people need to take action pretty fucking early (i.e. before they start losing it haha!) before they start making out like they have thick flowing locks :D worst thing is - it doesn't make him look any better, he looks like some weird wiggy poser!

J: bret did admit he had extensions but not a wig, but i think he's lying :)

M: totally! extensions make your hair thicker or longer, they don't give you a whole new hairline!

J: and you have women competing for this man's love!

M: yeah but look at those women! they look and sound like old transvestites, i personally wouldn't want them anywhere near me, let alone go on endless dates with those horrible creatures!*

*I meant "horrible creatures" in the best kind of way; I HEART Rock of Love

Saturday Porn Slot

First of all, let's get this straight - things I do not find attractive in guys:

1. New Rocks
2. Bad hairlines
3. Corpsepaint
4. New Rocks
5. Did I mention New Rocks?

So on that note, it's unusual that I think Tomasz Wróblewski ("Orion") from Behemoth is really fucking hot.

Even with the stage gear he still looks hot as hell:

Look at him go! Fuck you Nergal, I have no idea why girls bang on about you so much. Behemoth might be your band, but since 2003 it's been all about your bassist*.

*I know he's in other bands

Death Begets Death

M: Exodus - Terminal Press To Release Exodus Comic Book

J: it looks cool the pic, but spoilt by their logo ;/

M: i think the exodus thing looks cool, yeah i'm not a fan of their logo but the art is neat
thinking about the dimmu comic book, 2 of their members have now left :/ also, they so should have used the artwork style from the metal hammer poster. the previews look kinda boring

(The poster from Metal Hammer - it has a crappy Slipknot pic on one side and this awesome one on the other)

J: ooooh, i thought the artwork was the same as the MH poster :/

M: noo :( i was hoping that too, because even galder looks cool in that picture. they've used some shitty photoshop-meets-watercolours style though and i hate that in graphic novels. always smacks of people trying too fucking hard. i'd have bought it if the drawings were like the poster, but not now :(

J: i wonder where the poster art came from then?

M: no idea.
on a quick scan of the poster: the dude fucking rules i love these pictures

J: it's good stuff

Friday, September 11, 2009

Please keep the peace, the peace of the world

J: PHILIP ANSELMO: 'My Olive Branch Is Always Extended' To VINNIE PAUL - and now vinnie will call phil out to be a douche.....

M: except we all know that phil rules

J: people don't really like phil, and people don't like vinnie much, either :)

M: well we all know why people wouldn't like vinnie. and phil is a fairly aggressive smack head with possible racist undertones.
but phil is hot and this gives him an extra 1000 points, thus beating vinnie paul.

J: they should just have a fight :)

M: tbh that would be hard to predict. i'd say phil is better at fighting but vinnie p (as i shall now call him hahahahah) is pretty huge

J: phil would knock him out :)

M: possibly, but phil might be high and just not get up

J: in that case he can spoil vinnie's ebay auctions :D

M: LOL get him where it hurts

J: yeah, his pocket

M: :)

Not a thrash band at all

J: MACHINE HEAD to tour Europe... -
:D :D :D
hopefully some kind of road accident will happen :)

M: :O

J: that'd be mega ;)

M: no, i want to go see machine head. again. depending on how much tickets are.
oh but i blatantly want to go anyways*

J: so is MH headlining?

M: yeah, the first time they'll be headlining a tour on their own in bear** time

J: since the 90's :D

M: LOL i don't think that far back but it's not far off

J: last time i saw them was about 98 headlining, or late 97... - i reckon they might have headlined when supercharger or some shit was out, but since a few years ago all they've done is tour with metallica and that sword band :D

M: yeah they've just been arsing around being second on the bill everywhere they go

J: you would hope rob does not wear that i love thrash tee shirt ;/

M: that t-shirt is really bad :( i hope testament don't endorse it, although i have a bad feeling they might

J: yeah, cos they're all in one happy league together :(

*yes, I bought tickets.

**for the record, I know it's spelt 'bare'. It's just funnier to write bear. Bear people, bear dollar, bear shit!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Battle Creek

M: Battle Of Mice - Call It A Day - wtf kind of band name is that?

J: it's LAME name!
like that liquid funeral, it's called lack of inspiration. all the cool band names are gone - this makes life hard, but not stupid like these gaywads

M: liquid graveyard.
you just have to think a bit harder. battle of mice? i mean really, that just conjours up images of mice having a battle, which isn't very metal. maybe they were trying to be literary, but of mice and men isn't exactly hardcore


M: in battle creek is a better album title than band name i reckon :)

J: sounds like a good tribute album to jason once he dies

M: don't speak of such things :O
that will be my tribute album to jason while he's alive and can come visit me to thank me for the honour :D

J: that's if he has time, what with echobrain and voivod :)

M: hey! it's hardly like he's been busy recently

J: he's resting and enjoying his metallicash

M: and his integrity :D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

But the picture has a moustache

M: was trying to work out if one of the dudes from this pic is hot or not (far right) but LOL at the moustache action

J: one of them is called Kyle - Anal Cunt have a song called 'Kyle from Incantation has a moustache'

M: well, i think that moustache is kinda deserving of a song :D

J: Incantation's a decent band, proper old death metal, none of this other shit :)

M: wow, you're normally very rude about death metal

J: I like the late 80's early 90's dm bands, but the sound needs to be specific. None of this technical dm, i don't like that

M: ohh i like the technical stuff :(

J: i like a dm album to sound as though there's a pillow being held over the speakers. hard to explain, but it's how i like it

M: like?

J: bolt thrower
Nuclear Death

M: i never think of blot thrower as being death metal. i suppose they are. hahaa blot thrower :D

J: most people see them as a grind band because they're on the Earache label :) and most people really dont like em
but they're the sorta DM i really like :)

M: i like some of their stuff. wow don't think of them as grind either. maybe have to look into this when i get home, perhaps i've been thinking of the wrong band :O

J: people usually make jokes about them :(
upsets me :(

M: really? i don't think i've ever heard anyone make jokes about them. but i suppose i don't talk to people into metal that much. except you, and you like them.

J: i got into an argument with some guy, S, over them - he's the husband (now ex) of one of K's mates. he also worked for metal hammer at them time, and we duked it out over bolt thrower - the fucking fuckhead! he camped with us at download in 2003.

M: what was the argument about?

J: i can't remember now, me, him and another of their friends called MT (who i have mixed feelings about as he's a nice bloke, but likes some shit bands) we on about arch enemy, then we got onto something else and S made a sarcastic comment about bolt thrower and i pulled him up over it. i hated the guy anyway, so it gave me an excuse to cuss the tee shirt he was wearing (some gay band called mad capsule markets).
we also got into an argument about alice in chains, which i can't remember.

M: hahaha A (an ex-boyfriend) liked mad capsule markets, we saw them at download 2005

J: when i first saw them i thought they were a j-rock band, and then i heard them and almost commited suicide


New A.C. Recording...........

J: New A.C. Recording........... - not pleased with the song titles at all ;(

M: yeah they're not great. send him an email and tell him!
although i like "caring about anything is gay" which is what he might say to you if you say you don't like his song titles

J: i preferred it when they had a track called 'Phil Anselmo won't return My Phone Calls' :)

M: thats a cool title :D

J: yeah, they released the track listing about 3 years ago, with some awesome track names, but time passed, and now this is what they have ;(
AC used to do some cool shit, like release a 7" with 5,000 songs on it, or an acoustic grindcore 7"... not it's been about 10 years since they put an album out and all they've done in between that is re-issue old shit.

M: they should go back to releasing random crap that like, it's what makes them cool and not just another fucking grind band.
seth's gettin old :p

J: seth's a result of too much meth :)
they should just put him down :)

M: oooooooops :)
aww no, that'd be sad. he couldn't give great, rambly, windy and mental interviews :D

J: he almost died in 2004 - he was on life support for an overdose and they were gonna switch it off until his mum got him moved to another hospital and he recovered.
you probably know that anyway :)
he can stay alive, but at least make the song titles better - or just release a one track consisting of 500 songs of true blurcore calling it "we ran out of shitty song titles" or something

Tits & Satan

M: Sex and Metal (NSFW) - LOL @ the dude in the slayer shirt

J: he looks joke ^_^

M: i know! very grim LOL

J: he looks more happy then not :)
all of them look like fags, especially the poser in the marduk tee shirt

M: yeah i know and that woman looks like she's about 15, as do they :/

J: she has a nasty ass :S

M: yeah, but i dunno if that pose (NSFW) is helping haha. they all just look weirdly young, creepy creepy

J: it's liz vicious, she does porn XD

M: i read that, yes.
she's 19, according to her website. she's not that hot, nor that goth*

J: i know her from /b/ :)
she does "alt" porn.... ;/

M: yeah, so her website says :/ its basically just porn, she's found a niche-ish market but doesn't have the guts to go all out. metal dudes will watch porn no matter what the fuck the women look like, as they're usually the people in society with some of the lowest chances ever of scoring with an actual person

J: i was thinking about that earlier listening to the mentors... el duce ain't good looking, but when my hair falls out and i get fat i aspire to be him, but that's not what i'm on about.
i think the reason for their lyrics about getting laid and shit is all bullshit, but it helps their egos and makes ugly fans think that "hey, they're ugly, but they get sex, so it gives me hope" :D
i dunno :)

M: nah i think they're the sort of people that know they're ugly and they don't give a shit. it's not always about how you look, despite what people say. me and you have both had bf/gfs LOL

*I take the not hot part back, after checking her website she's hotter than she first appeared. She's still not all that, but I'd take her over any one of the Suicide Girls anytime.

Saturday Porn Slot

Hot damn!

Now I'm not a massive fan of Guns N' Roses, in fact: I'm not really a fan at all. They never seemed to be a pin-up band either. I always knew Axl Rose had been purportedly hot in his heyday, but I'm only 24 and I know him as the ginger guy with the cornrows that got pissed off at Download 2006.

So I didn't pay them a second thought. Until I saw this picture:

If I had a time machine, I would so get naked with that man.

I'm not a fan of the whole top hat thing, but even here, you wouldn't say no:

J says Slash looks like a mutant. So I tell you now: certain members of the X-Men are also incredibly hot. I am down with that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Okay I promise to ease up on the Dave Mustaine related posts. It is hard to keep away though - he's an easy target for jokes plus he has been in serious promoslag mode in the lead up to the release of the new album...

Speaking of which, Endgame leaked August 31st. These are our initial reactions:

M: Woah the first song is soooooo good!

J: yeah, music seems cool, only on track two atm :) vocals don't seem as punchy as UA, but hey, it's more fucking metal then Death Fagnetic!

M: completely and utterly :)

J: the solos are amazing!
megadeth should just make instrumental albums - dave's voice is sounding a bit rough round the edges... still, it's a musical delight

M: track 8 is a bit silly at the start. dave's voice is def getting a bit old.....nothing compared to james' blown out vocal straining tho. but ahhhh the guitars are so good

J: i'm up to 4 atm - i don't like 3, it sucks.
i love 4 and 1 :)

M: i thought 3 was okay. i'm up to track ten. 8 kinda goes weirdly STRAIGHT INTO 9 but once you get over it, it's a welcome change of pace. i think some of the songs could have been faster

J: 5's got some wicked music, but the vocals let it down. when it goes into the pre-chorus dave could have used vocals, but never, if he did, he could have sounded darker, but doesn't.
6 is a bit blah :/

M: 10 was a bit blah too, the last track (11) has a great solo tho. the solos on this album are wicked, really really good

The next day, J sent me his track-by-track opinions. It's shorter than many you'll read, but it's all you need to know.

J: 1 - awesome
2 - cool solo, vocals a bit shit
3 - sucks, dave mentions "pocket knife", you get more points for switchblade knife, huh :)
4 - cool - nice vocals
5 - cool music, vocals/structure could be a lot better
6 - sucks
7 - cool - sounds like it should have been on UA
8 - gets better from the intro, but doesn't really go anywhere
9 - cool, sounds like it should have been on RIP
10 - sounds like it should have been on Cryptic Writings. Shit, though works good as a penultimate track if it was better structured and a minute shorter. kill the second of classical guitar.
11 - cool final track , intro could have been better structured. sounds like the last track on UA i think, or thereabouts.

M: agreed, altho i think i like 8 and 3 more than you do :) i like the guitars at the start of 8 - not the stupid bit, i mean when the electric guitars come in, i think the rhythm and pitch is really cool. but yeah, it kinda trails off at the end which is a bit disappointing.
see what i mean about how nothing stands out from the others tho? when headcrusher comes in it's a bit woah like, but apart from that it's all kinda so so.....apart from the solos which rule. and the first track, which is a totally awesome start to an album, really fucking good. really really good, actually, i love that start. i listened to it at least 3 times on the train in today :D

J: some parts do stand out, mainly the solos, but i get really annoyed that dave has some cool vocal potential - i think it's track 5 - the guitars sound great, the lyrics not so, but when it enters the pre-chorus it had potential to sound wicked if dave used it as an opportunity to use vocals there.
There's too many bits that sound like they're gonna be wicked like how the Gears of War solo starts off to be, then you get heavily let down when it doesn't follow thru with some cool sounding shit.
i've always found it really hard to get into megadeth when i got into metal, never really liked their shit much, but it grew on me. i still say that UA is the best album they've done since RIP, this being the second, but it's spoiled by dave's vocals heavily. UA had a much better vocal structure than this one.

And that's all we have time for kids! I'll try and avoid megadave and his antics for the next few days...or not, fuck you, I'll post what I want to :)