Monday, August 31, 2009

Really Really Old News: Megadeth

(Metal Hammer; Feb 12th - Feb 25th 1990)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

HYPOCRISY: European Headlining Tour Announced

Usually, living in London (which I do) means you get to see a lot of bands. It's not always the case though, even with groups you thought were pretty fucking mainstream...

J: like diamond head :)

M: they played some random venues up north didn't they? argh. i'm gonna have to turn into P and start going to paris to see bands :O

J: yeah, they never did a london date

M: at least they played in the uk!! hypocrisy are ignoring this beautiful isle altogether :(

J: so do immortal :)

M: :(((

Sadler's Wells

J: DAVE MUSTAINE: LARS ULRICH 'Can't Keep Me Out' Of The ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME - there's about a million articles on blabbermouth with dave in them :O

M: i know, he's really pushing the publicity circuit. must have got in touch with scott ian's PR dude for this level of coverage ;D

J: that aside, i thought all the metallica shit was put to bed, but yet he's still fucking going on about it.
He's like steve adler sometimes

M: he is a bit. altho a lot more successful than sadler. i think sometimes its hard because people always bring it up for him, but he should learn just not to mention it. if he'd never bothered going on and on about it, it wouldn't be such a big deal now and he could talk about it when he wants to, but now it's a big thing every time it comes up

J: yeah, like dave grohl, he should have just said I'm not talking about nirvana (or rather megadeth) in interviews, but it's one of them things he's now stuck in

M: yeah, see and now dave grohl hardly ever gets asked about nirvana! a lot of people that like him now don't even know about that. with megadave, it's always this big deal

J: i don't even consider dave to have ever been in nirvana on the basis of how big he is and the fact he don't talk about them. anyone else, like krist the bassist, yeah, he was in nirvana :)
at least megaman ain't in bands that cover the shit from metallica, like steven adler :)

M: that'd be hard tho, dave wasn't in the band for all the most famous songs. he took mechanix and stuff, but it's not like he can play enter sandman - he was long gone by the time they did that. hahaha unlike yeah, sadler or joey belladonna, who's just playing indians for the rest of time

J: it's true :)

M: i know :D still, i'd go see him. maybe not for indians, but joey belladonna is the voice of anthrax, as far as i'm concerned.

J: i'd see him, i wouldn't see sadler tho :)
seeing sadler is like feeding his habit, not drugs as such, but he's only doing adler's appetite and playing in gnr cover bands because it's all he knows :(

M: its like he's actually mental. this weird, deluded ex rock person who still thinks like he's gonna be back in the band one day. it's really sad

J: he should take a leaf out of tommy lee's book and start a rap band :D

M: or go back to college ;D maybe he should apply to mtv for his own reality show

J: he's been on them type of shows before - mainly the ones dealing in celeb rehab :D

M: oh yeah :D he should have made more of a thing of it at the time :D

J: jani lane was on celeb fit club :D

Saturday Porn Slot

I've been listening to Finntroll for many a year now and it's only been recently that I actually saw a picture of them. For some reason, I never bothered to look before, I kinda figured they'd look like all those other folky pagany metal bands - beardy, hairy, slightly overweight and probably wearing furs/hemp tunics (see fig. A).

(Fig. A)

How wrong I was.

His name is Vreth and I've never heard him sing (I only have Finntroll's older records) however, I don't really care. I'd be quite happy if this guy just stood there with his shirt off, reading the phonebook for half an hour:

Isn't he pretty?!

I have now totally reconsidered going to see them at the Underworld. J, if you're reading this, get tickets!!! Get them now!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm so sorry!

J informs me that some of the picture links aren't working for reasons I can't be bothered and don't know enough about to explain.

All I can tell you is to rest assured that I will fix this. Give it time, my friends.

Metal! Metal!
Ray of hope
Metal! Metal!
It's my dope

Monday, August 24, 2009

Old news - Mayham

(From 22nd September 2008)

M: SUNN 0))) - Cover Artwork For Dømkirke Live LP Revealed, Live Dates Announced

J: it's got that Attila Csihar on vocals :( :( :( :(

M: i don't know who that is

J: he's the singer for Mayhem: as someone noted: "So cold and vicious too bad attila's vocals almost ruin this otherwise powerful album, but for most of this song at least they're listenable"

M: is he the one you showed me before? although i think that might have been someone else.......

J: I only deal in Dead as the singer for Mayhem. the other one is Maniac who left originally because he was a drunk, then he replaced attila and left again due to stage fright. i saw them with Maniac, he's also a tool - but now attila is back on vocals attila is hungarian and most tr00 norweigan black metallers feel that he's not tr00 black metal because he's not from norway and therefore shouldn't front mayhem

M: yeah i remember you saying about maniac - stage fright :D :D :D that actually the funniest yet lamest thing ever, that's like a soldier seeing a spider and running away in a war :D

J: it's gay, and he looked like a gay.
mayhem need to quit, because they're just a fucking joke now!

M: well they're nothing like they used to be that's for sure. they used to be all kind of mysterious and cool, 'cause they were associated with so much of the stuff with varg and because of dead being dead and everything......but now all these years later, they're just like a parody, or a tribute band or something - there's nothing mysterious or cool, thye're just another famous band of old men selling records to twats who hang off their balls because they think doing so makes them cool.

J: here's Maniac looking lame:
I know i have a weird sense of what looks cool, but they went from this:
Note the 2-for-1 bullet belts :)
to this
sell outs!
an honourable mention goes to this:
same with Emperor - they went from the same thing as mayhem to a load of fools that wouldn't be out of place at a melodic death metal gig. they also might love giger and lovecraft!

M: come on they totally bum giger and lovecraft!!! they've turned into sell out parodies......not in a whiny "ooh they've sold-out" way but in a totally and utterly shameful way.
that first pic was cool :)

J: yeah, exactly - parodies, nothing more.
more like mayham ;)

Massive Aggressive

M: Massive Aggressive has leaked!

J: it's not bad actually

M: yeah, not bad at all. altho i've only heard the first song still; i'm watching hollyoaks :O

J: wolves is a cool song, but it's all pretty much standard municipal waste.

tony is trying to sound like mike muir in places, which annoys me. if the music was shit then it'd be a massive dissapointment (not massive aggressive).
Upsidedown church is the worst so far, just sounds like a Suicidal song.

M: music sounds pretty good to me. not much has changed tho. kinda slower, fewer lyrics about "beer and puking" as JA put it. or P. or whoever said that

J: it's probably because they're turning into Suicidal :)

M: the picture i used of him today he's wearing a suicidal t-shirt

J: listened to it all now, wolves is the best track easily.
the first half of the album is good, the rest kinda sounds like one song which is why when it ended i was like.... oh.

M: wolves is a good song. it's because it has the spirit of those dogs of metal in it :D :D
umm yeah i think it might take a few listens. but i think their catalogue would have been fine without this record.

J: they should have released this as an ep or just trimmed the tracks down
i'm now on the 2nd part of the album, it's all sounding the same :)
good, but forgettable. i was right, art of partying was their peak

M: yep :(

J: the thing that's annoying me is that upside down church is gonna be one of them songs they play live for the value that we're down with black metal and because landphil has BM patches :)

M: yeah i'd thought about that :( what they fucking around with bm for? fuck off!

J: because they know everyone loves Venom ;)

First recommendation evaaaaaa

It's not often I recommend anything on here - in fact, I've never recommended anything so far. Not as far as I'm aware (unless you consider the porn slots as being creepy recommendations of a kind) (which they are).

So I'm proud to present to you today: Evil Army!
(Warning: the moral of this story is that it's not always best to check a band on metal archives before you listen to them).

I'm not going to write a review, I suck at that. So I'll just do what I always do and stick to what I know best.

J: that just killed my browser that page.
i hate some blog music sites, they usually have too much shit going on on one page too

M: LOL the burzum site killed my browser earlier ;)

J: it's for true believers only :)

Some emails later...

M: you download that evil army album i sent you the link for ?

J: that site killed my browser!!
send me the download link, then i will

M: DESCARGAR!!!! no pass :D

J: no pass :)
they should add that to the Portuguese language :)

M: :D

J: i love no pass :D
2 minutes to go, did you get it?

M: yeah i did. its good! well, i think so

J: have you seen them on marchives? they look like they should be playing with hank 3

M: yeah, seen. i know, i wasn't sure that was even the right band, but when you hear it it kinda makes sense

J: it sounds ok, but the mental image of hank 3 keeps appearing in my head ;/

M: just think of something else :p

J: the solos in it are ace :)

M: they are aren't they?? :D

J: i seriously wish i never looked up this band before hearing them as i like this

M: i know, they're good!!! i only downloaded it on the basis of the review on marchives so i'm glad at least i looked them up. just keep listening and thinking of something else, they're ace

J: i like two other thrash bands called Armed Forces and Evildead (one word!).
their name appears to have come about if these two bands collided :)

M: hehe yeah :) armed forces is a cool thrash band name haha

J: i was gonna say "anything to do with artillery", but since there's a thrash band called Artillery, then you can't really top that in terms of weapon names.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Greatest Metal Albums in the World Evaaaaaaa

J: i was thinking earlier about how much i hate bands most popular stuff, like because it's over rated and they have better stuff. But what of them albums are actually good?
You follow?
Like I hate Among the Living, but everyone loves it. I don't like Master of Puppets, but it's considered one of their best. Everyone loves the 2nd Earth album, and so do I. So it's an album that to some is the be all, end all, but it's one that is righfully good.
I can't think of many, but you feel me?

M: you mean "overrated" albums that aren't actually overrated, they're just that good? umm...dunno, thing with me and you is that we like a lot of stuff that isn't very widely liked. all my most favourite stuff is realtively unknown, same with you (or in the gg allin side of things is widely DISliked hahahaha)

can't think of any? :/

J: i mean like albums people go on about being their best album, but it's actually a decent album.
GNR's Appetite for Destruction is a cool album, and it's like their only album to some folk

M: yeah i know, but i'm trying to think of any that i actually like. i quite like master of puppets i guess. rust in peace?

J: i like rip, but it's a bit of a touch and go album, since alot of fans thought they ended on So Far, So Good, Peace Sells is cool, and most megadeth fans bang on about it

M: yeah, the megadeth records are kinda true to hype, pretty much at least.
umm...i know it annoys you and it does have two of the most overplayed songs EVER on it, but number of the beast is a really really good album. twenty twoooooooo, the avenuuuuuuuuuuuuue!

J: i thought about number of the beast, it's a great album, even if it is over hyped. but peace sells has peace sells on it, and i don't like that song much. but number of the beast is a good album :)

M: ooh i like peace sells :( fun to sing, innit. umm, yeah number of the beast is the only one i can think of that is actually a fucking good album.

J: it's a tough ask that question :)
there's plenty of albums i like that people hate, but not many i can think of that i like and others like :D

M: yeah totally :O i've even tried googling some greatest metal albums lists and can't really find any i agree on :/

J: back in black ;)

M: i knew one of us was gonna have to say that at some point

J: :) :) :)
holy diver?

M: *singing the only line of that song that i know in my head*
but i think that track has a pretty good video? in a meatloaf video kinda good?

J: i dunno if i've seen it :)

M: heyyy i'm sure you have! he's in a castle or something??

yeah thats the one :D :D

J: yeah, have seen it :D :D

M: i love that video :D i'm pretty sure i watched it with you once :)


ooops, not shouting :) :)


J: hey ;O

Some days later...

J: i still can't think of any "over-rated" albums i like :)

M: apart from number of the beast :)
what about any motley crue ones or something?

J: shout at the devil's the only one i can think of anyone likes best. i like it, but then it's a good album :)
pantera is obviously cowboys from hell :)

M: whats on cowboys from hell? (apart from the obvious duh) i don't have it :(

J: primal concrete sledge, cemetery gates :)
i get confused with that and vulgar, which has walk and fucking hostile.

M: oooh yeah, me too. even tho i own vulgar on both cassette and cd :O

J: metal magic :)

M: :D

Saturday Porn Slot

Okay, so I know it's not Saturday. But Sunday is close and I was at work yesterday, so there's my excuse. I'm working next Saturday too, but I'll try and schedule something. Plus it'll be a bank holiday weekend - that's always messy in my experience.

Anyways, for our weekly fix of fuck fodder, I am proud to present to you...

Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste!!


Aww he seems so happy and cute! And sometimes, when a guy isn't that hot, but he seems really happy and he can sing words really makes up for what he's lost in looks.

He seems such a cheery, jolly little man - even in real life, he's unbelievably cute.

And so...I urge you to go see them. Quickly, before their new album comes out and somehow ruins everything by being either like their other albums or completely different. Either the way this new album has huge potential to mess everything up in my incredibly prejudiced mind. So yeah, go see them. Ladies, you never even might get lucky ;D

MEGADETH: New Song '1,320'' Available For Streaming

M: MEGADETH: New Song '1,320'' Available For Streaming - here it is!!

J: it's got some nice vocal parts in it, typical megadeth soloing, a cool main solo (that has potential to be jolly, but doesn't).... but i've heard better

M: i'm in work!!! i want to listen to it now waaaaah

J: the intro is totally the same as Hit the Lights :)

M: LOL :D that is a really good intro tho :)

J: i agree with the comments - two songs released from endgame, and it's
already better than death magnetic :)

M: :D hooray!!! hooray!!! in your face metallica :D :D :D

J: yeah, and while we're at it, we'll steal your intro :)

M: hahah :D

J: although i will say, 4 horsemen over mechanix anyway :)

M: hahaha and metallica's lyrics over dave's on jump in the fire :D i hate his pants songs :))

J: dave's sex pants :)

M: yeah :/ although, mechanix is the worst of them, its the most cringey song ever! with all four on the floor, I feel what's in store!!! the whole thing's like the script from a carry on movie

J: carry on cliff :)

M: :O

J: you heard it yet?

M: oh yeah! haha was just being shocked at your cliff remark, forgot what we were emailing about in the first place :O :O :D off i go

J: :D :D :D
carry on taking off your pants :)

M: hahahaha :)
okay, the song is good! kinda see what everyone means about the chorus, but the ending is ace

J: yeah, the ending rules :) there's a song on UA that ends like that, with a solo. very nice :)

M: yeah, soooooo much better than anything metallica could pull together :D hahaha hooray for megadave :D

J: looking forward to the new album :D

M: yeah i am too, haha so's JA ;)

J: everyone's looking forward to it :)

M: hooray! but with justification, unlike the metallica album :) i'm so pleased for megadave :)))

J: no doubt when it comes out, lars or james will say that they like it

M: like they know shit about metal anymore - their opinion is meaningless seeing as nearly everything they've put out recently has been fucking garbage

J: haha, i'm starting hate them so much that i want to fight people over
it :D :D :D

Thrash Letters

M: Nebukadnezza - There is no Revolution (2009) - this band used to play at the turks (a bar in Reading) allll the time

J: their album cover is lame and they have a name that's complex :D

M: nebukadnezza was a king in the bible. in the good bits of the bible, too. all the stuff with daniel and that shit i think.
but yeah, the album cover is BAD D:

J: that being said, it's too much of a mouthful to ask for tickets for
and since when do thrash bands use biblical references? a simple
reference to toxic and death is fine.
it's another example of getting album art done and then seeing that
and going "yeah, thats's cool". No it ain't!

M: i dunno, its got z's in it, i think it's an okay name :)
but still, the cover is an atrocity, not in the good way :)

J: how do z's make a name good :? :)

M: its all spiky. the letters x and z are the thrash letters of the alphabet* :)))

J: i can't think of any thrash bands that have z :/

x, yes, z, now

M: neither can i but i bet there's loads :D

*On further reflection, I have decided that x and k are the thrash letters. Z can look good, but it's been misappropriated by youths: boyz, hoodz etc.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Neseblod Records - The Sutton Hoo of black metal

M: neat, not bad for a tenner each :))
this is a cool list hardly looked at any of them yet, but it'd be wicked to have a look through some of these for real

J: i'm almost half way thru, this shit is awesome!!!!
hey look;
looks like TH logo :)

M: yeah does a bit, same shape :)
i know how cool are some of those?! i wish there were stores in the uk where we could go and actually look at that kinda of crap. i think i'd just die right there, thats actually better than sweets or anything :D

J: i want them slayer magazines!!!!!! ;O
you see the pantera gold disc?

M: a gift from phil :D that is fucking priceless, i'd actually crawl over dead people to own some of that shit. even just to hold it. those magazines are amazing, it's like the sutton hoo of black metal :D

J: there's all sorts of cool shit there. the tape that got smashed after the killing of euronymous.
this reminds me of a dude on ebay, he was selling all kinds of shit like this, but mainly mayhem stuff. he was selling it on behalf of someone from the scene at the time, like someone from emperor or some shit. he had letters from euronymous, bloodstained stuff from the dead suicide room... mad shit like that.

M: aww it'd be so fucking cool to own some of that. so fucking cool. makes me sound all fanboy like but...its just like in archaeology, when even crappy bits of samian ware are so cool, 'cause its stuff the romans used. this is all the stuff they had when all of these bands were just starting out, plus some of the drawings are unbelievably awesome!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

ANTHRAX Drummer On Working With JOHN BUSH: 'When You Have A Chemistry, You Should Keep It'

M: ANTHRAX Drummer On Working With JOHN BUSH: 'When You Have A Chemistry, You Should Keep It' - which is why you guys parted ways in the first place?? that makes no fucking sense!

J: don't be so harsh, charlie and scott invented john bush you understand ;)

M: that's true, if it wasn't for them, we'd not have music at all. someone should put up statues for them

J: these two clowns just annoy me so much - everytime i hear charlie
banana's name i see jamie jester from get thrashed telling us how
charlie invented the blast beat and i just want to kill myself!

M: charlie banana :) haha charlie always makes me think of legends cup coffee, the benate blend ;D

J: i managed to forget about that... until now.

don't forget megadave's got his fingers in that pie as well :/

speaking of which, that trend of having coffee appears to have faded
away. and it's a good thing too! though i'm sure dave's working on a
hot sauce to put on the market; "rattleheads rasta-style jamacian hot
sauce"... maybe?

M: haha, doesn't dave's wife run it?

omg i can so see him doing that hot sauce thing. they can use it in david silveria's steak houses ;D
J: > omg i can so see him doing that hot sauce thing. they can use it in david silveria's steak houses
that's a match made in heaven right there :D :D

> haha, doesn't dave's wife run it?
yeah, or ex wife :)

M: didn't someone else release a sauce recently?

J: yeah, but i can't think who ;(

i know joe perry from aerosmith has done. vince neil needs to do it :D

M: vince neil definitely need to do some kind of feelgood steak sauce :D
didn't pig destroyer or someone do one? or cattle decapitation? i get them confused as essentially its the same band name. and i think someone else did one too? and ALSO, remember that bar where all the burgers were named after metal bands? :) i just googled it and the article about the bar is on metal sucks, however it's blocked by the stupid wanky work filter ;( *


no wildside :)

it was cattle decapitation and their veggie burgers :)

*I am now not at work. It's a bar in Chicago called Kuma's Corner. The burgers are indeed named after metal bands, from YOB to Darkthrone, Clutch to Judas Priest. Although I'm thinking that asking for a 'Goblin Cock' is akin to requesting a Sex on the Beach in Brannigans. Tee hee.

Saturday Porn Slot

In an effort to extend my current mental list of "hot guys in metal", some crafty googling was in order. Sadly, the results were as bad as the regular "hottest chicks" shit. The guys weren't that hot and the bands they were in were a lot worse. Sounding like a wanker is a massive turn off.

Sounding rubbish isn't something that turns me off this guy though! I know a lot of people like Darkthrone and many of them will disagree with me, but the vocals are HORRIBLE. The face, however, is quite the picture.

Just ignore Fenriz in some of these. If anything, he just emphasizes how hot Mr. Skjellum is. In this picture, I like to imagine they're seranading me.

He now works as a teacher in Norway! I wish they'd had this guy at my school.

He also has two daughters (all this, according to wiki). Imagine if this guy was your friend's dad! I'd be round their house allll the time.

Okay, one last picture. I just can't resist!

Metal, especially black metal, is pretty fucking sparse when it comes to a handsome face. Even when you've uncovered some candy, they cover it right back up again with paint! Life just isn't fair.

UPDATE: (Sunday 16th August, 21:28) If, like me, you just can't get enough of the Ted - there's a neat gallery here. Also - that is one hardcore Darkthrone fan.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


There it is in all it's glory!

There's more tooth related metal than you might think. Skin O' My Teeth, Teeth Grinding, Tooth and Nail, Sweet Tooth...

Tooth for a tooth!

Old News - Spending like a maniac

(From 26th August 2008)

This was during the build up to the release of Death Magnetic, obvz. Happily, the release of St. Anger had totally escaped my attention, so this was the first time I was experiencing the anticipation (and later, the disappointment) of a new Metallica release.

new song, they sound like slayer :)

M: hmm okay, i see.....he says 'death magnetic' in that song.....i don't like the chorus much. yeah it does sound like slayer....

it's okay. and i think a lot of people will like it. kirk remains the best thing about it.....but the solo sounds like they ripped it off master of puppets....
although i fucking wish they'd released this instead of that day that never comes bollocks.
yeah this song is okay but i HATE the chorus

J: nah, the chorus is shit - and james sounds like Tom from Slayer. this is
the last song on the album, and it's a good song to close it with, but
the chorus spils it for me... and also the way it ends, it should end
dead like the old ones did, this kinda makes you think it will, but when
the end comes it just fizzles out. very weak.

best song of the new ones so far, though i can see it being like the
black album with about 2 songs i like and the rest not.

M: yeah i know what you mean.......i think this is now prolly gonna be a really annoying album that loads of wankers hold up as a 'return to their old style' even though it does't even sound like the same band....and its gonna annoy me even more. but yeah its definitely the best thing they've released so far, i have no idea why they didnt leak this first!!

J: yeah, this'd be the best song to debut, not the others ;/

haha, my apocalypse has the "best intro ever" according to posters on
metallica's forum. any negative comments are getting tarnished as "well,
your opinion is useless in a forum where everyone loves it".

sounds like Dyer's Eve a bit in places this new song - still giving it a

M: that forum is the stupidest place ever.....what's the point of even initiating a discussion when you're only allowed to have the opinion that everything and anything metallica do is godly?!

J: yeah, it's the lamest :)

M: and especially lame when its a band like metallica - who's various different albums could almost be different bands.....its not like slayer where if you like one thing, there's no way you could dislike the rest seeing as it all sounds exactly the same....metallica have very difinite and different sounds in each era and there's no reason why someone that likes kill em all would like load thus you should be able to diss metallica on metallica forums. stupid wankers that for some reason believe there's some merit in liking a band 100% D:

J: the funny thing is, over at the GNR forums, you're not allowed to talk
about the new leaks and shit like that :)

i'm liking this new TallicA song tho ;)

M: :O that's so lame!!! why do people even join a forum like that? okay so the rule is here, if a forum is run by management, you're only allowed to talk about things they want you to talk about. gay gay gay gay gay. especially when the new guns n roses link is so so good!*
yeah i've listened to it again, apart from the chorus i do actually like the song. why god why did they not release this first?! i wish they'd played it at reading

J: yeah, i know, it is good, but you can't. but that's just the way it is.
all the youtube links for the new song are now gone, so they mean
business :)

fuck the haters, death magnetic starts here! ;D

M: i'll hate what i want thank you ;)
but this is good news in at least not EVERY song on the album is shit.....and if this song is quite good, that means there's a chance there's other good songs on the album too :) which has alleviated my fears a bit, i was worried this really might be another st anger.......when actually this new song is probably the best thing they've done since....well, fuel i guess haha :D
to be fair i like a lot of stuff the 'haters' don't like anyways so i suppose that makes me some gaywad fanboy or something?

J: fuel was out before st anger :P

i reckon it's gonna be like the black album and only have 2 songs i like
and the rest not so much.

some haters are hating to not seem like they're exempt from their
elitist anti-metallica friends. you gotta be honest, i am, and i like
this new song :)

M: I know fuel came out before st anger :p i was just typing as i was, i was worried it might be like st anger, which i don't like at all - but this song is actually better than most of the stuff on reload as well, so my hopes aren't completely dashed.
i'm not a metallica elitist....i like whisky in the jar :D

J: here we go.... sing this to whiplash ;)

Late at night all systems go
You have come to pledge your dough
We do our best you're the rest
You make us rich you know
There's a feeling deep inside
That drives your wallet mad
The feeling of a Visa card
We need it oh so bad

The money starts to flow
We're cashing all around
Spending like a maniac


Swipe that card thru the reader
Like you never did before
Make it ring make it beep
Make it really sore
In a frenzied madness
With your money for our merch
Our back pockets are bulging out
We're rich as hell tonite

The money starts to flow
We're cashing all around
Spending like a maniac


Here on stage the marshall noise
Is piercing through your ears
It kicks your ass, kicks your face
Exploding feeling nears
Now is the time to let it rip
To let that change loose
We're gathered here to take your cash
'cos this is what we do

The money starts to flow
We're cashing all around
Spending like a maniac

The show is thru, the monies ours
it's time to his the bank
Another time another gig
Again we will cash in
Hotel rooms and motorways
Life out here is raw
But we'll never stop
well never quit
'cos your cash makes us rich

The money starts to flow
We're cashing all around
Spending like a maniac

*I was referring to Shackler's Revenge. The version that leaked was about as good as this one.

SYLOSIS Interviewed At U.K.'s SONISPHERE Festival; Video Available

M: SYLOSIS Interviewed At U.K.'s SONISPHERE Festival; Video Available - i hate it when they say they're thrash. they're not thrash :(

J: they sound like an STD!

M: haha they do a bit :) remember, we saw them play supporting testament?

J: oh god, was that them?! ;/

M: yeah, they were that awful metalcorey (LOL metalcorey haha) shit when we saw them at islington. they're from reading or slough i think. TM's ex housemate had a hoodie of theirs :/

J: maybe that's the sound of new thrash. i've seen that term thrown about recently, new thrash, or modern day thrash. bands don't sound like thrash as we know, so if that's the future progression of thrash, then i'll stick to 1986 thanks.

M: nu-thrash :((((

yeah fuck this, i'll stay with THE ORIGINAL AND THE BEST. i hope that's not what thrash has become though, that would be sad :(

J: yeah, but then the modern bands playing old thrash get ripped on for being posers, i think a lot of people are getting sick on the thrash revivial, too. i prefer it to the sleaze bands tho, the gays that behave like nikki sixx, etc. I don't include crashdiet in this, but they're sorta in that boat :/

M: poor crashdiet :( but i guess with thrash or sleaze revival, there's good and bad bands in each, it's just a shame there's more bad than good

J: i think people are just sick of bands wearing denim cut-offs with patches, tight jeans and hi-tops like it's the 80's again. kinda like how hellyeah is formed mainly of nu metal bands, one of which being mudvayne, who wore makeup on stage, but now in hellyeah behave like they've been cowboys all their lives.

M: yeah, it's just conforming to an imagine in the same way as any other band or type of music. i think people are tired of people just turning up in some kind of expected uniform and people are pretty wise to that kind of shit now. if machine head turned up in spikes, greaves, leather trousers etc it wouldn't make them behemoth but so many bands seem to think that's a good move. people don't wear what they want, they're wearing what they feel they're expected to and it just looks as manufactured as boyzone or some other horror

J: i think you can only get away wearing the shit i mentioned if you're from south america or related countries. other than that, if you're from the UK, America, then you just come across as a chump in 2009. Or you look like you're on your way to a fancy dress party.

> people don't wear what they want, they're wearing what they feel they're expected to and it just looks as manufactured as boyzone or some other horror
it's true, that's why i hate it when metal fans claim to be individuals, when they all look like the next man

M: same with a lot of subcultures tho :( same with goths and all that shit - trying to be so different, but just creating another uniform

J: individualism isn't rife in metal :)

M: no, not at all! annoying though, because they do go on about how important it is in metal, shit like that. but if you're not the same as everyone else, you won't fit in, simple as

J: you wonder why i hate most metal fans :) :)

M: no, i get it, i'm just more tolerant of wankers than you. plus i own both a slipknot and a korn t-shirt, so i understand that looking like a wanker can sometimes happen by accident ;D

J: and i own a ramones tee shirt, though not by choice, nor is it mine :)

M: HA!!! that's WAYYYYY worse than all of my bad t-shirts put together, even with the dragonforce t-shirt taken into account ;P

J: i've never worn it tho :P

M: yeah, but it's still there, tainting the rest of your clothes with its awfulness ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scream bloody gore

After some extreme toothache, I made an emergency appointment with the dentist this morning. I ended up having my wisdom tooth whipped out, but now the anasthetic's worn off and there's a good measure of pain yet to come. Plus, I'm now at work.

"What has this got to do with metal?" I hear you ask. Well, between 5am when my sleep was disturbed by the chronic torment (good name for a band) and 8.30am when I could leave for the dentist's, I made myself a playlist of triumph to get me through the trauma.

In no particular order and forgetting several:

Hallowed be thy Name - Iron Maiden
Sign of the Hammer - Manowar
Upon the Grave of Guilt - Falconer
The Centre of the Universe - Kamelot
Beat the Bullet - Danger Danger
The Odyssey - Symphony X*
Doctor Doctor - UFO
The Days of the Phoenix - AFI
Battle Metal - Turisas
Jaktens tid - Finntroll
Crazy Crazy Nights - Kiss
Dragonforce - Field of Despair

J was sad I didn't include any Ensiferum, Korpikilaani or the likes, but it wasn't actually folk or pagan metal I was going for (hence the non-folk/pagan metal songs). It was definitely more a sense of valour, victory and vitality that I needed and which I feel is evoked pretty damn well by these songs.

The moral of this story? There is no story, I just wanted to share my ace playlist with you. That, and my terrible, crushing pain. And to be honest, having a mouthful of gaping wound and blood is fairly fucking hardcore in my book :D

*Obviously not the whole thing. This was this morning's genius idea - I stuck the original into Audacity and just cut it down to the 4 minutes of goodness at the end.

Monday, August 10, 2009

SERJ TANKIAN: 'Elect The Dead' Symphony Sample Clip Available

M: SERJ TANKIAN: 'Elect The Dead' Symphony Sample Clip Available - what's the betting that title has some kind of political message? D:

J: he should team up with ratm - they can all then wank each other off over pictures of che and karl marx

M: LOL :D don't push your political opinions on me, just sing about werewolves and satan like everyone else >:(

J: or indians and being caught in a mosh :P

M: :P

J: i'm sure scott'll claim soon that he and charlie invented indians :)

M: they did, did you not know? when iron maiden wrote run to the hills, they went forward in time, met up with scott and charlene and stole their idea! :D

J: nothing really surprises me with them clowns. i hate them almost onthe saME LEVEL AS I DO EMPEROR AND NAPALM DEATH ;(

ooops :) not shouting

M: haha i thought the hate was just getting too much halfway through that sentence, the rage rising.... :) oh i didn't know you felt that way about napalm death :O

J: i fucking hate that band - "oh, we're the first grindcore band, blahblah blah" - and then you get carcass come along with the same thing. i don't like either band, especially ND, who were a crusty punk band that came along too late but thought we'd get with the trend of metal and do that. :////

M: ohhh :/ don't really know anything about napalm death really, can't stand them, so have ignored everything since i first heard them D:

J: i saw them twice unfortunately (supporting machine head both times), maybe more, who knows. they just came along too late and realised that punk was on its way out, so since we're completely untalented we'll record one second songs. that aint grindcore, that's shit.
one of their first vocalists on album was lee dorian, who went on to be in that cathedral band. hes a loser :)

M: supporting machine head?! that seems kinda weird.
LOL, cathedral. HA :)

J: yeah, was in 97 or 98, MH did a two night slot at the astoria, the first night the power failed, and the second night they said the same shit in between songs as if they were on a script of sorts. the only thing that differed was the lack of a power cut and they played a different cover song instead of negative creep by nirvana the night before. this was pretty much when i started hating them since they were not natural in the respect that they had to repeat all the shit in between songs from the night. it wasn't natural. plus also their second album was bordering hip hop with only two decent songs on it

M: yeah, machine head always do exactly the same sets, i've seen them say the same stuff before too - when i saw them at download and then a bit later, he repeated himself too :(

J: but people still eat up what they do. machine head fans are blind to it all :)
M: metal is full of people like that. all the people that like hellyeah, for instance. OPEN YOUR EARS!!! THEY SUCK!!! just because you liked pantera and you can't get over the fact that dimebag is dead, doesn't mean you have to go support one of the worst bands in the world D: people just fucking carry on, without a mind of their own
J: you've just described nu metal there :)

M: true dat. you may as well listen to fucking chart music, for all the thought thats involved. well, chart music here. chart music in sweden rules!!

J: and maybe finland, if you like cob

M: oops, that's what i was thinking of actually :) but i bet sweden's isn't bad either* :D

J: dead was swedish :)

*On closer inspection, the Swedish charts are actually still probably a lot worse than they are here in the UK. I was living in a happy fantasy world when I first wrote the above...those dreams are now shattered.

You sold out man!

J: blabbermouth site aint loading for me today :/

M: me neither, it just killed my browser window :/ at least it's them not us :)

J: just wont load :(
you ok today? :)

M: yep :) happy today :) although wish i was going to bloodstock for my birthday weekend :D would so get tickets but i can't really ask everyone else to go, K and D aren't into metal at all :/ plus i don't think A would be able to afford it :( wish i'd thought of just doing that earlier. boo hiss etc. oh well, maybe next year

J: i got V that weekend, who's playing anyway?

M: umm.....quite a lot of people i'd be up for seeing actually, carcass and arch enemy, the haunted and divine chaos (C, B and that lot from slough) for starters anyways

J: and europe :)

M: WOW, see, that would make my weekend :D although, same as everyone else, i only know the final countdown

J: why are they even back? no one really liked them when they were out, bar that song, but it's the whole rock is cool stuff - spinal tap being back, etc,etc :/

M: yeah, saxon and anvil and all that shit. its like you said the other day, rock is back, people are just getting nostalgic about all this shit without remembering that most of it was rubbish. except anvil ;D

J: anvil have one good song :) we both know what it is, only because the video is awesome. but it just proves people are frauds, and instead of these bands calling these so called fans out on this, they just enjoy the money and go against their ideals, the sort of thing they were against 20 plus years ago, but seem to think now it's accepted. it makes you wish paul baloff was still alive

M: yeah the dog one :D i wish paul baloff was alive anyway :( i love paul baloff, he'd come along and fuck these posers up :D loads of hipster fashion blogs that think they're really ROCK keep going on about fucking fringes at the moment....he'd come and cut them all off :D

J: yeah, it's only good when the singer turns into himself from the dog, that's a badass moment in metal, but it's all they got going for them. there's plenty of bands that could have done similar that were/are more famous, but they did it, for what reason? because they didnt get much fame all them years ago? maybe.

pretty much most people from the bay are have sold themselves out now, aside from obvious bands like death angel and the lesser known. you'd hope paul bayloff wouldn't, though he never sold out even when most of the main stayers in thrash had, so who knows

M: anvil do have a song about mothra though. i think that's pretty cool too. paul baloff was a lot more hardcore even when all the others still hadn't sold out though - i think if he'd survived, he'd have still been pretty awesome today. like katon :D it'd be him and katon, still 100% thrash and none of the irony, just straight up amazingness :D

J: yeah, he'd still be in a thrash band that dont earn that much money but do ok to just play some gigs and do ok from that

M: yeah :D i think that is the fact that most bands have to face, which is why you hear the old "sell out" cries so often....but it's because metal fans know the only reason bands ever change to a more mainstream style is because they're in it more for the money than the music. if they were more about the music, they'd never change to sell out to larger crowds. hence "sell out" haha. all the bands that get away with changing their music style but not selling out change more gradually or it's forced on them through people leaving the band or dying or some shit :/

J: aside from rob douche, exodus have never sold out, neither have hirax, testament or overkill, all of these are still doing pretty well forthemselves and fans still like them. it fucks me off when bands say they do it for the music, when it's usually a lie. fair enough, you get a major label deal, but don't change yourself because of it. megadeth have never really sold out, they just got confused and released shit albums, but are back on track now it seems. megadeth never sold out when they signed to a major, nor did metallica in respect until they got bob rock on board

M: i don't think metallica's selling out had anything to do with them being signed, it was all their own delusions of what people "wanted" and yeah, bob rock fucking poisoning everything they did D: and yeah, megadeth's stuff changed, but only because dave is older and he's tried new stuff, but it's still all been about what he wants to do, same with all those bands. i think even rob douche isn't exodus selling out, they've just made insensitive/controversial decisions lately. i'm not against dukes as a singer, tbh i actually prefer his style (however much people will disagree with me on that) - i just fucking hate him and his attitude. but there's no doubt those guys are all still doing it for the music, they're not pussying around so they can appeal to mass markets and they're not arsing things up so they can get on mtv. *cough cough* anthrax *cough cough*.

J: yeah, they aint sold out with having douche, just a bad choice, like every megadave album since 1990 :) same with maiden, they just can't write a classic song ever again and made bad musical choices.
metallica just got killed from within, like what anthrax did.

M: and so they're dead to us now :) like children that killed one of their used to love them, but they've irrevocably destroyed what once was. you have memories of how things were, but it will never be the same again. it hurts you even to hear their name

J: but then again it annoys me more that metal fans still eat up what they put out, like all of the past never happened, which annoys me to be associated with people like that

M: with metallica and anthrax, if people like their stuff now and still like them...well, i kinda just assume they have really fucking awful taste in music. i like the early stuff of both and still listen to it, but anything later on is fucking sacrelige. people that still fucking go and see anthrax - it's just beyond me. i kinda get metallica, because, well, up until very recently they could still put together a good show and part of it is just saying you've seen them.....but anthrax? fucking anthrax? so you can see an old, old scott ian still pretending like he invented moshing and like he's this thrashy dude still at the head of the scene? it's tragic and depressing and really, really fucking horrible. ulu! they played ulu!!! the shame.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Porn Slot

I originally tried doing this post yesterday and scheduling it for today, but it all went a bit pear-shaped. Hopefully I'll have more luck today.

I make no secret of the fact that I think Phil made Pantera - from their spandex days, right up until the end. Without his vocals, they'd have been pretty average as a glam or a metal band (sorry Terry).

What makes Phil more awesome: he looks as good as he sings! Thank you god. He might have his "back problems", questionable race attitudes and a failed relationship or two under his belt, but oh my, is he fine.

And the final thing that makes him probably more awesome than anyone else? He came back from the dead! That's pretty fucking hardcore.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old news: Vinnie Paul's Whirlpool Oven

(From 20th August 2008)

J: read the comments on vinnie's ebay profile...... bear in mind, look at
what he sold lol

M: vinnie paul's whirlpool oven?!

haha "apologize to phil about the funeral then i will pay" :D

J: vinnie paul's got -1 feedback :)

M: of course people are gonna take the piss! and good on them too :D

J: yeah, especially if you're selling a fucking oven!

This time last year, Vinnie Paul was doing pretty badly on Ebay. He'd tried to sell his oven several times, but kept having to re-list it after Phil supporters sent taunts and jeers in response to invoices.

However, it seems even with -1 feedback, Vinnie continued to trade successfully on Ebay. His feedback currently stands at an impressive +26.

Early this year he auctioned his first ever mobile phone, presumably to a happy buyer. Sellers have also continued to trust him: most recently Vinnie bought a diesel engine, another oven and no less than 48 sharpies. Presumably to sign those copies of "He Came to Rock" he wants to force onto his retarded target market. Don't believe he does this? Open your fucking eyes. Or just read his blog.

New Ink

M: New Ink..................
A) that is a shit tattoo
B) i hate people who gets tiny tiny tattoos that you might as well not bother getting
C) i hate it when people refer to them as "ink"

J: another americanism!!! ;(

M: stupid sharpies disease :(((

J: isn't that crap von dee the host or owns a shop called something ink?
hollywood ink?

M: la ink and miami ink are the two shows, i dunno which one she's on. i saw an episode once, it was rubbish :D i hate all those tattoos they're all just the same as everyone else's. i like your one (not jesus) it's cool :D

J: i like A's and fenriz's tattoo's. badly done ones are the way to go

M: what does A have? what does fenriz have for that matter? i've never met either ;)


A got his done with the same guy i had - he's got a west ham
tattoo, ildrughi, a dragon wit a rose and the same one bruce willis
has in die hard, which is a skull in a tophat smoking. it's so bad
it's great

M: ohh yeah, fenriz has the hanoi rocks one :D :D

andrews sound pretty cool, you should get him to take some pictures of them and send them to me :D the skull one sounds genius :D
the interview with soctt ian in metal hammer i told you about - its the bit where they interview people about their tattoos :) his are boring, they're all samey and average

J: what does he have?

M: umm...some old man face on his knee, angus young, ugh, he got a guitar hero one at la ink D:

J: wtf

angus young?!?!?!

M: I KNOW. fucking AWFUL.

J: :/ almost as bad as the crab rob flynn has on his back :)

M: D: i don't think i've ever seen that either :O i'm so ignorant of people's tattoos :O

J: i saw it at a gig, it's all i know he's got :)

M: he always has that stupid t-shirt on when i've seen them

Nod to the Old School

J: > witnessing John Bush absolutely nail ‘Indians’, ‘Caught In A Mosh’ - yeah, just like among the living is their only fucking album. it's cunts like this that love john bush - he's only good in armoured saint, he sucked in anthrax and scott and charlie made it shit for him when he was in there before. no one seems to point this out....

M: its all complete tripe. which would you fucking campaign to bring him back? there's loads of better people out there. ahem, joey belladonna, i'm looking at you

J: as much as i'd love that for him, because he IS the only singer for them, i'd rather he told them to get fucked if they asked him on the basis of principle. anthrax is like metallica where you have the two key members, and as in metallica, they're arseholes now, why leave this, to become a scab singer?

M: i remember you showed them to me before and i liked them :D it's true, if he leaves, it's for the money and fame, like robert trujillo joining metallica as a hired hand :( it's not so bad with the megadeth people because you know that band's all about dave and he's the frontman via guitar and vocals so no-one can step ahead of him

J: i love armoured saint, even if i do spell it correctly ;)

except rob only had scab fame and is famous only for being in the shit version of ST :)
yeah, megadeth, it's dave, no one really sees the other dudes as scabs tho, well, i don't

M: no, i think the guys in megadeth are just that - and they always have been, so it's okay. its when you have bands like anthrax and metallica who've had very very famous members and people just step in to take their places - it's not right :(((

J: until the 90's, most members in megadeth were famous, as they had a semi-tight line up, after the classic band left, it's just been random dudes :)

M: the elaphantson man? now it's the bendover people :D

J: elephant man :)

dave jr was pretty much like rodney is to del boy in megadeth, but no more, he was the only real core member.

M: i think no-one really minds tho, it's all about megadave.

gaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hollllllllllltttttttttttt!!!!

J: and gary holt is fucking exodus up with rob douche.

they need zetro back :D

M: hey, it's not necessarily gary's fault >:( he's in that dublin death patrol :D HA!

also, this band with fucking GENE HOGLAN!!! that man is everywhere!!!!!

J: > hey, it's not necessarily gary's fault >:(
it's his band, he needs to sort it out

> he's in that dublin death patrol :D HA!

> also, this band with fucking> GENE HOGLAN!!! that man is everywhere!!!!!
no surprise there then :)

M: did you not know he was with ddp? i knew about that, never heard about tenet though. what the fuck kind of a name is that? LOL tried looking on youtube - only found this band who i think are definitely not the same.....

J: i know ddp is all bay are people, i think i knew it, but i dunno. they got shit reviews on marchives and the name just sucks

that band look like some school band :)

M: it's chuck billy and a lot of his mates - his brother eddie is in it :)) ummm.....they're not that great :/ i like chuck billy's vocals, but testament are the better band so far so you might as well just listen to them for the good stuff.....i dunno, i want to like them, because i LOVE chuck billy ("raaaargh" :D) but they're just not that great:

J: you read the comments? about chuck billy being the best vocalist inthrash.... hmmmmmm :) he's good, but not the best

M: one of the best, as far as i'm concerned :D i dunno, who's your favourite? chuck billy is great, but he's got quite an unusual vocal style for thrash, he's very deep and 'crushing' , for want of a better word. all the thrash singers ever have left my head as i try and think of the best...all i can think of is the dude from bonded by blood :) who i do like :)

M: probably james from kem or rtl, paul bayloff (and zetro), Sean Killian from vio-lence, Mike Sanders from Toxik.

and joey, but he doesn't sound thrash....

J: he's very singy, which i normally don't like :/ but he's my favourite anthrax man :) yeah james' voice used to be AWESOME, he was my favorite singer for a long time. even after he changed his style, i liked the stuff he did.....recently he's been really fucking bad tho :( i was pretty fucking lenient in liking all the s&m/load stuff which most people shat all over, but even i gave up after a while. reading last year was a sad, sad moment for me, his voice sounded BAD :(