Saturday, August 1, 2009

Former WARRANT Singer Gets Jail Time For DUI

M: Former WARRANT Singer Gets Jail Time For DUI - 2 days, wow

J: :D i love jani lane :D

oooops :D

M: oh my god :O thats awful. although he had boggly eyes even when young :/

J: he looks like a toad :)

M: 8D

J: i actually did LOL IRL :)

that so is jani lane :)

8( <---- after being arrested


  1. Jebus dude...
    His Daughters are going to read this blog...
    I just hope Jani went out in style, three hookers and big bag of smack...

  2. I had the opportunity to meet Jani back in 1995. He was so charming and sincere it put butterflies in your stomach...and when he sang his eyes would sparkle. Such a Great Guy!! Too bad he left us like that. Jani - You will always have a place in my heart Love YOU!
    Christina - From Texas

  3. Anonymous said... "Warrent sucked"
    And so does your spelling

  4. For people out there that ever lived through or enjoyed the 80's music, Warrant Rocked! Also, think about what you post before you post it, as he has 2 children that he left behind that will read the crap people post. As a person that lived through the 80's, I love & still love this band and all they sang. R.I.P. Jani will always be remembered & absolutely never forgotten!

  5. Jani had 4 children- Taylor ( or Taylar), Madison, Brittany and Ryan. My condolences to his family xxoo

  6. Warrant was at the tail end of the big hair band era before Nirvana led the change to grunge. However, Warrant left a lasting impression on the glam metal days. They were one of the last of them and one of the best. I remember Headlines News ran a story about them when they had the mega hit Heaven. Who can forget the catchy words of Cherry Pie? Thanks for the great, fun music Jani. To his kids I would say don't follow in his footsteps. One premature tragic death is enough.

  7. We will miss you ,we were rocked by you,you gave us adrenalin based rock of life,music for a workout get real RED with life and alive,Sad to hear like a great pro wrestler a final referee counted your shoulders down 1,2,3, But your fans are screaming "We want a REMATCH" honestly fame and fame RED from central Florida says "I Wanna Rock" by you..