Thursday, July 30, 2009

A blaze in the northern sky

This is Agamoth (right) and friend (I didn't catch your name, sorry!).

Agamoth is the vocalist for Lovecraft-inspired black metal band Abgott. I asked him how he felt about Varg Vikernes' imminent release from prison*; "About time" was his response. He laughed when I joked about him getting out and going after the rest of Mayhem (stolen joke, I know) but he said overall he didn't care about him too much. I got the feeling he didn't really want to talk about it- black metal gets a lot of bad press and I suppose when you're in your own band, the last thing you want to bring up is murderers on the scene.

They were nice guys and the band (originally from Italy) are based in London now, so might have to check them out sometime.

*I met these guys outside the Testament gig back in March, which was before Varg got released

13 children in care

J: Megadad :) (attached picture)

M: that's awesome :D

J: That there should be the artwork for Endgame :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


M: - it's fucking JULY thats the worst shop ever. if it was december it'd make sense, but that's shit, it doesn't make any sense*

J: it's shit anyway, it's made a shit album cover still shit and unfunny

M: exactly. i hope that dude's photoshop explodes and destroys his computer from within. its all he deserves

J: pig destroyer have a song called endgame, i always thought it was a
cool title... but megadeth have kinda shit all over that with that
album over

M: rem have a song called endgame, i always thought it was cool too. it still does sound cool, it's just a REALLY BAD cover

J: 1) ed repka
2) vic rattlehead
3) nuclear stuff
4) ??????
5) rick profit!

M: My thoughts exactly, it's not hard to make a good thrash cover (attached picture)

J: :D :D :D :D

the two pictures top right and bottom left look like the dri dude
being electrocuted :)

M: if i ever release an album, that is so top choice as the cover

*In hindsight, I realise he did it because the normal cover looks a bit like it has a wreath around it. But it's still shit.


M: Black Metal Barbies - noooooooooooooo i told you, it's official: black metal's gone HIP

J: Haha, they look lame! Kinda like how lame black metal bands look like. 1349 and gays like that. Black metal is something i hate telling people about as they think you might like emperor or stuff

M: ISSSSAAAAAAAHHHHHHN :[ yeah, it's gay. from now on, it's easier to pretend you like disco or some shit :/

J: Fagoths :) them girls just looked like dani filth

M: without the podge ;D

All men play on ten

P (28-Jul-2009 21:22): Ok Miss Metal, we're on the coach and we're playing guess the album. Clues: live, possibly Wacken; deathy but not brutal; singer may well be Mr Opeth. Any ideas?

M (28-Jul-2009 21:22): duh, it's bloodbath :)

M (28-Jul-2009 21:31): Was I right? where are you on the coach to? the suspense is killing me.

P (28-Jul-2009 21:35): bloodbath it surely is, don't I have a red face :p You could at least have left it a moment before showing me up, checked MA and such...It's the dreaded 20 hour coach to wacken we're on :D

Do all hard core metal enthusiasts play these kind of games? "Metal Who am I?" is one of our favourites. It's the same as "Who am I?" only it has to involve people from the metal world, obvz.

I spent a long time sat in a tent with Randy Rhoads stuck to my forehead (HA! first time I've ever said that) trying to work out who the hell the dead californian guitarist with significant hair was.

Old news: Dimeload

(From 7th January 2009)

J: HEAVEN AND HELL Confirmed For DOWNLOAD, GODS OF METAL; South American Dates Announced - yeah, download's shaping up to be great - scab sabbath band for a start :/

M: they'll be high up on the bill too, LAME

J: yeah :/ so much for the fans picking the bill

M: yeah but loads of dimebag loving gays will like it

J: that's all download is full of

M: that's what download is for

J: dimeload :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Join Metal Hammer At Sonisphere!

M: Join Metal Hammer At Sonisphere! - wanky wank wank

J: so is MH playing now? :/

M: i guess so, if mr demmel says he's okay, the others don't have a reason not to. its just the kind of gayfest they'll love anyways

J: but their reason was limp bizkit being above them :/

M: oh yeah! i forgot about that. i dunno then :s

J: everyone seems to love machine head nowadays

M: they're the new pantera, but shit

J: i was gonna say they're a scab band, but they have the original bassist, their drummer (who was in a band called Slayer that had to change their name to S.A. Slayer, gays, was in from the 2nd album) and phil demmell who was in vio-lence with rob, so they're not that scabby....

M: yeah i know about that sa slayer
yeah they're not really a scab band, but they are a bunch of wannabe wigger wankers that have only become metal again so they can be friends with metallica and ca$$$$$$h in

J: > yeah i know about that sa slayer

sorry :)

Machine Head just follow trends - I'm sure if nu metal was still big
they'd be rapping :)

M: agreed, they're a bandwagon band to the core. note how they were pantera-ish in the 90's hwne that was cool, then went nu metal, now they're back to being all metal again, they're completely transparent

J: it just annoys me that people actually still like them, even though they're effectively laughing at their fans :/

M: a) metal fans in general are pretty gullible b) they still release some good songs

J: > a) metal fans in general are pretty gullible


> b) they still release some 4 hour long songs

fixed ;)

M: halo is stupidly long. but i like it. but it doesn't have any awesome metal credibility, it's just an epic celine dion sort of warble, really.

J: what album is that on? i get confused with ashes and blackening :/

M: Halo is on the blackening, but could easily be on ashes, the sound is
the same

J: see now i thought halo was on Ashes.... though Ashes in my mind is only 4 songs long :)

M: me too, same with blackening :)) actually the copy of the blackening that i first had really did only have 6 songs on it, TM made me a shit copy :/

J: how does one make a shit copy.... on CD? that's impossible! ;D

M: haha, i dunno, basically after like the 5th or 6th song it just fucked up and wouldn't play :/ i think he did me a fear factory compilation too, but i confess, i did not listen to that :D

MEGADETH: 'Endgame' Artwork Unveiled

M: MEGADETH: 'Endgame' Artwork Unveiled - it's shit

J: that ain't shit........that's a fucking shit stained train wreck of gargantuan proportions! I hope the music makes up for it!

M: good description. high hopes for the music? you like the new song tho, right?

J: the last album had shit artwork, they tried to show a pre-version of Peace Sells, but it sucked. All their artwork has sucked since Rust in Peace. I think the new song's cool, apart from the Gears of War bit that kinda let's it's not like Gears of War, it's the way dave sings, you kind think it's gonna be cool and then ain't. it sounds very Rust in Peace, so I am hoping for some profit on it.... LOL , Rick Profit, not parfet :)

M: LOL @ Rick Profit ;D
i know what you mean, but i get that with a lot of megadeth, you kinda think it's gonna be epic or jolly or something and then its not, so it feels like you keep getting let down :(

J: yeah, but the last album was cool so i'm hoping this is the same. fuck
the artwork :)

M: true, kill em all proves that :D

J: all of metallica's artwork is shit, to a level. RTL is a bit gay with the chair there.... MOP is just gay. black album is the best - kinda like the instrumental on DM, you don't have to listen to james' blown vocals :)

M: until about 4 years ago i thought that rtl cover was a picture of an old school style microphone :D

MACHINE HEAD's DEMMEL Doesn't Believe Latest Collapse Was Caused By His Medical Condition

M: MACHINE HEAD's DEMMEL Doesn't Believe Latest Collapse Was Caused By His Medical Condition - so now he's just collapsing randomly?!

J: he might have a bad back - you know how it is; these musicians and
back issues...... ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

No Life 'Til Leatherman

Name: Hannah a.k.a. cable_zombie

Location: London

Top 3 bands at the moment: Dan Swano's not a band, but anything by him is always awesome...other than that, Dissection, Whiplash and Obituary are all going on my mp3 player for this week.

What do you think about the recent events in the Anthrax camp?: Fuck Anthrax ;D Haven't made anything worth listening to since 1991.

Evil Cliff

J: fenriz actually looks like cliff :)

M: like a murderous sort of cliff :)

MACHINE HEAD Guitarist PHIL DEMMEL Collapses On Stage In Finland

M: MACHINE HEAD Guitarist PHIL DEMMEL Collapses On Stage In Finland - seems to be getting more regular :/

i think i'd do the same if i played in that band :)


J: must have been the smell of that tee shirt rob always wears :)

(it was a toss up between the skull heart and this one)

Sunn O))) Interview

M: Sunn 0))) Interview

J: urgh :/