Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ha ha heart attack

On J's birthday, the last thing I expected was to get a text saying Seth Putnam had died. I had friends staying at my place at the time and not one of them even knew who Seth fucking was, so it sucked pretty bad. So I called my mum and she pointed out that altho he died kinda young, at least when he was alive he spent most his time doing whatever he pleased, which is really all any of us want to do in the end.

Seth, the world probably won't miss you (save one or two of your friends), but you really didn't give a shit and for that, you'll always be one of my heroes.

I once emailed Seth to ask him if he'd do a banner for this website - the title of which was inspired by him. He said he'd do it for cash...which I never got round to sending him. It'll always be one of my biggest regrets.

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