Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interview: Metalcakes

The love and dedication that goes into this site is of course, UNENDING - which is why I have something a bit special up my sleeve today. (Sadly, it's not some quaaludes).

Metalcakes is where heavy music and delicious ingredients come together. And not just any metal bands, oh no; you won't find any Limp Bizkits here (hur hur!). Mercyful Fate, Evile, Sleep, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden...the list goes on. It's not just any old cake site either! You get a full list of the "Metal Constituents" for each cupcake and "Merciless Instructions" to go with them.

But it led me to thinking - who is this woman who bakes such cakes? Who decides which bands are honoured? Will these become a standard after-gig treat?

So I got in touch with Kathy to ask her a few questions...and as I suspected, it turns out she's wicked sick :D

1. So I take it you're a regular metal fan - how do you pick the bands you immortalize in the kitchen?

I only bake for bands I like. I find it hard to be inspired by bands I don’t dig.

2. All the bands you choose are pretty cool - do you think you'll ever get elitist about it - would you only create cakes for bands you like?

I am a total elitist already! I know people don’t like all the bands I bake for, but that’s what’s good about Metalcakes (in my humble opinion…), even if you don’t like the band, you may still enjoy the tasty cake recipe posted in their honor!

I know that’s true for my Mom, she’s not metal AT ALL but she still likes the Metalcakes I bake. Plus if a metal head stumbles across my blog while searching for information on a band they already like, maybe they’ll try baking up the accompanying recipe.

3. Okay so the obvious - what inspired you to combine metal with cakes? Now, I've seen plenty of cakes that are decorated with a band logo or something, but you use metal to inspire the ingredients AND the aesthetic. Were you influenced by Kuma's Corner at all?

Basically I just made the blog I wished was out there. There are plenty of punk rock bakers, but I wanted a blog that sticks to cupcakes, and talks about bands I like. I’m a sucker for permeating themes.

To be perfectly honest, I started my blog before I ever went to Kuma’s. That’s probably because I’m a vegetarian, ha! Kuma’s employees are known for being rude to vegetarians/vegans and people who like any form of Miller beer. But once I did go to Kuma’s, I kind of felt that their flavor combinations didn’t really capture the essence of the band. They have burgers like:

Iron Maiden: Avocado, Cherry Peppers, Pepper Jack, Chipotle Mayo - $11
Neurosis: Cheddar, Swiss, Sautéed Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Horseradish Mayo - $10
Led Zeppelin: Pulled Pork, Bacon, Cheddar, Pickles - $12
Dark Throne: Chipotle Peppers, Goat Cheese, Fresh Pico de Gallo - $11

It’s kind of like, “huh?”I really don’t see the connection between what they’re serving and the band it’s named after. I mean Pico de Gallo for Dark Throne? C’mon. And that’s fine if they’re not trying to make a connection. I guess they’re just naming random burgers after random metal bands. It just seems like a missed opportunity to me.

I try to have a direct connection between the band, the name of their song, or their album and their Metalcake. My intent is to express my appreciation for the band by baking for them.

The very first Metalcake - Slayer's Reign in Blood cake.

4. Do you get a lot of metal fans contacting you who have tried making the cakes themselves? I know Reign in Blonde did a post a while back on some they'd tried out. Do you think your cakes have inspired any non-metal bakers to try out new music?

I’ll admit that there are few who are passionate about Metal AND Baking, but in addition to Elise from Reign in Blonde (I love both those ladies, they’re so brilliant. I can’t believe they like my blog!), the only other metal head I know for sure that has baked any of my cakes is John Humphrey from Denver, Colorado. He’s super awesome, and usually wears a corresponding band shirt to go with his cupcakes.

I hope some people have tried listening to bands they didn’t know before they had their own Metalcake! I try to include a video clip to help illustrate the awesomeness of the band.

5. Do you think you'll be picking up a copy of 'Hellbent for Cooking'?

I don’t own a copy yet, but I’ll probably pick one up soon! I really like that it’s a collection of favorite recipes from different metal artists. I wonder if there are any cupcakes in there…

6. On a more serious note - many diehard metal fans would frown upon something as revered as heavy metal being combined with the frivolity of cupcakes. Have you ever received any criticism?

I haven’t received any criticism that I know about. Granted, I’m a pretty tiny operation flying under most people’s radar. I don’t make any money off my blog, it’s just a fun and tasty hobby. I think because I bake for a band out of respect and to honor them, it’s not very offensive. I have nothing but respect for Metal. I have nothing but respect for baking, especially cupcakes. It seems natural for me to combine the two.

Have you seen Until the Light Takes Us? I’ve seen it twice already! There’s a scene in which Gylve (Fenriz) from Dark Throne talks about how people have made fun of Black Metal and turned it into something marketable. Black Metal has totally been exploited, but what can he do? That made me so sad! I completely understand.

That’s why I’m hesitant to make a Dark Throne cupcake. I love them dearly, but I don’t want it to seem disrespectful. I don’t want to be disrespectful to any band I bake for. If they suck and I hate them, there’s no way I’m ever going to bake something in their honor. Psshh! Not bloody likely! They can bake their own cakes.

I will tell you this, if I do end up baking a Dark Throne cupcake, it won’t have Pico De Gallo in it!

7. And finally...what's the greatest heavy metal to bake to?

Personally, if I’m baking for my blog, I rock out to whatever band I’m featuring in my post.
If it’s not a Metalcake I’m baking, I usually like Slayer for the easier stuff to keep me in a good mood, and Nile for the more challenging tasks. The heavier the metal, the better I can concentrate on a recipe.

So what are you waiting for? Go try out some of those recipies for yourself! I'm not so hot in the kitchen but am quite at home with metal so I'm going to go check out Lair of the Minotaur...metal with greek mythology? I'm in!


  1. Kathy is an awesome lady and her cakes are delicious!!!

  2. I'm the dude that Kathy mentioned in her interview, and I just want to say that her blog is LIFE-CHANGING. I didn't know the first thing about baking when I visited her blog a few months ago, and now I'm making a new recipe every week or two! My coworkers and students have no idea how sinister their art teacher's baked goods are, all thanks to this mistress of metal. Her recipes are definitely an homage to each band, and she makes them applicable to all baking skill levels...visit this damn site!

    I recently made a Picasa web album with photos of my Metalcake concoctions (all recipes thanks to Kathy's blog!), check it out: