Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to black

J: have you pre-ordered this?

M: i won't lie -
>I.C.S. VORTEX - "Don't Tread On Me"
* BORKNAGAR - "My Friend Of Misery"
am actually looking forward to hearing those, altho not sure they'll work......
the others, fuck it. altho may be interesting to see how finntroll work god that failed....
shame it's black album, i don't like most them songs :(

J: it sucks that the last two metallica ones of these metal hammer have put together have been for the two albums i dont give a shit about :/
M: yeah they should do thrash bands doing kill em all or something - i guess they're interesting enough projects, to see how bands work on other stuff, especially popular stuff - but i'm just not keen on the black album :/ or most of the artists that take part :/
J: or they should do st anger and try and make it better :)

M: that would actually be a cool feature :)
J: yeah, open it up for fans to do it :)
M: that would be really cool :D come on guys - lets re-record it and show them what people can actually do who have spirit and passion for the music :D
J: as if they'll admit to it being a duff album tho :)
M: yeah metallica won't, but everyone else does :) the music press should grow some balls and organise this :D
J: yeah ;O

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