Friday, August 26, 2011

Bonded by blood?


J: not with t-bone tho, he dont do albums :)

M: tired of music, just wants to dj :) 
tbh i don't think nikki has it in him - he's not a musician and never was - yeah he's better than when he started out but musicially he ain't got anything in him

J: nikki's a good songwriter, maybe he should just write songs and manufacture sleaze bands like stevie does :)

M: i guess in the sleaze/glam world he does fine - tbh he should just stick with what he's doing - being a whiny bitch and letting everyone copy his style :)

J: yeah, he's doing fine as is :) it's not like motley dont make money :)

M: or as i said, everyone seems to want to look like him now, he should just be pleased he ain't vince, mick or tommy XD nikki has a decent life and career, he should count his blessings :)

J: that pic of him on that site i sent you looks like dave from morbid angel so much :)

M: they're becoming the same person, i swear :O

J: they so are XD

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